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Thread: Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile Phone

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    Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile Phone


    With prices starting from 110 € (without contract) is the Sony Ericsson G502 a very good offer in the multimedia mobile phones. Therefore, the buyer with a cell phone in Candybar Premium Black (other colors: Red and Celebrity Brilliant Hazel), which is rich in features is. Among them are UMTS, HSDPA, radio with TrackID, organizer and a 2 MP camera with digital zoom. We were now eager to see how Sony is in the practical test.

    Sony Ericsson G502 - small multimedia talent


    The battery compartment cover is easy to open and sits very well

    The volume buttons and camera usually are clean fit

    Charger and headset port are well integrated - not sideways, as in many other models

    Processing Features
    1. First optical impression / special features to support the design: Stylish but interesting acting form design with beautiful piano keyboard and a matt back.

    2. Surface Quality: Smooth plastic with matte and glossy plastic combined.

    3. Housing dimensions: With a weight from 83.5 grams, the G502 is one of the light and with its dimensions of 103 x 46 x 13.5 mm, it is still very good in the hand.

    4. Quality of the keys: Glossy plastic keyboard with equal pressure point, but a slight slippage on adjacent keys.

    5. Goodness (sharpness / resolution) of the display: TFT display with 262,144 colors and a resolution of 240x320 pixels. Far good and clear presentation.

    6. Implementation of the folding or sliding mechanism: No

    7. Quality of the battery compartment lid: The battery compartment cover is very easy to open and close and sits fit.

    8. The quality and scope of the supplied accessories: Manual, headset, charger.

    9. Processing conclusion: The modern mobile phone consists of a combination of matte and high-gloss plastic and with its dimensions and low weight, very good in the hand. The keyboard disappointed with the minimal spongy pressure point and the slight slippage on other keys. 262,144 colors on the screen are clearly presented. The fit-seated battery cover, which is very easy to open and close it, scores for the G502. The equipment is standard and is not to complain.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile Phone

    Business Features
    1. Supported networks: Triband, GSM: 900, 1800, 1900, UMTS 2100, GPRS.

    2. Data: Bluetooth 2.0, USB, HSDPA 2100.

    3. Reception and voice quality: Even with only sufficient network coverage, scores the G502 with a good reception quality. The voice sounds playing at normal volume, unfortunately, somewhat cloudy.

    4. Voice quality of speaker: With a minimum of LS still acceptable, but rather at a higher representation of the scratchy voice.

    5. Battery life (in normal use): up to 3 days.

    6. Storage of contacts: Week view, New date: subject, start time, duration, reminder, start date, details: location, description, all-day, repeat, date change; Advanced: Search, standard view, memories, start, delete: 1 day old, 1 week old, all; help.

    7. Notes function: Add symbol, writing options: writing language, dictionary: T9 on / off; direct input, copy and paste: Copy everything, highlight and copy, paste; Info: T9 help, writing tips, in the stand-by to view, edit, send as SMS, MMS as , as an e-mail, via Bluetooth, delete.

    8. Integrated Voice Recorder (voice recorder): The playback sounds quite realistic, but it has a light in the background noise. By and large, you can use the recording quality satisfied. In addition, we mention that Sony Ericsson has learned and the user is now time for preparation before you start recording. In previous models started recording immediately. Recorded message: Portrait, Landscape; Settings: Play mode, equalizer, stereo simulation; file: Send information: name, created / um, size, length, location, transfer, playlist, delete.

    9. E-mail functionality: Connection type: POP3 or IMAP4. Setting the EmailAccounts done in a few steps. The downloading of the settings takes very little time. Emails are quickly retrieved and downloaded.

    10. Internet functionality: The loading of Web pages is precisely where HSDPA is available, very fast. Even with more complex pages succeed the G502 a proper view presented. This is clear and easily readable.

    11. PC synchronization: The required USB cable and software are not included and must be specially purchased or downloaded. With Sony Ericsson, there were no problems until now in sync, and so this model also provides a smooth exchange of data.

    12. Other Features: Games: QuadraPop; TrackID, VideoDJ, MusicDJ, PhotoDJ, remote (Presenter, Media Player, Desktop), location-based services (Google Maps, log book, My Favorites, units: Metric or Imperial).

    13. Conclusion: The triband phone delivers UMTS, HSDPA and Bluetooth for fast data transfer. 3 days battery life for a mobile phone equipped with this completely in order. Calendar, notes and contacts correspond to the usual standard. The voice recorder surprises with good results. The email account is easy to set and retrieve the mail is very fast. Quickly Find and open the respective websites and good presentation are also plus points of the G502. The PC sync with Outlook is running, as with all modern Sony Ericsson models, smooth and free from error. In addition, the G502 has a game for entertainment, a MusicDJ, Google Maps and various other features, which the G502 upgrade.

    To add a Micro SD card to use, the battery compartment lid has to be opened

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    Re: Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile Phone


    2 MP camera

    Camera in action

    Camera Score

    Multimedia Features
    1. Camera-equipped: 2-megapixel camera with 2.5 times digital zoom, recording mode: Normal, Panorama, sequence, frame, frame size: 2 MP, 1 MP, VGA, night mode: on / off, Self-timer: On / Off, White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy , Fluorescent, Incandescent; Effects: Off, black and white, Negative, Sepia; settings: Picture quality: Fine, Normal; review: on / off; target memory: memory card, phone card, Shutter: 1, 2, 3, 4, from recruitment to reset; Reset Counters; Postprocessing options: auto-leveling, light balance, brightness / contrast, color balance, turning, effect adding: Tint, Sepia, Black and White, Solarize, Negative, Cartoon, streaks, paintings, object: clipart, frames, text.

    2. Camera quality: In daylight and normal lighting conditions the camera achieved gratifying results in the G502. Forman and colors are sharp and bright presented. In the darkness, they are hardly recognizable. In low light, you can suggest they are still good. The presentation of the subject is in a toned down version, but it is barely usable.

    3. Video equipment: Playable formats: MPEG4, Video Length: Normal, for MMS, night mode, self-timer, white balance, effects, settings, such as camera settings, microphone: on / off; Postprocessing options: Play, Insert: picture, several pictures, video, text, camera store , send as MMS, e-mail than to Bolger, via Bluetooth, soundtrack, effects transitions, visual effects, cut, add text, delete, move, copy, video: portrait or landscape; Video Size: Original, auto-scaling, full; Save image, zoom, playback mode: Play, Continuous; information: name, created: on / um, size, length, video size, audio codec, file type, position, passing.

    4. Video quality: Under normal lighting conditions are true colors and quite properly represented. Power to move faster, but they are clearly visible pixels veil. But no one hears disturbance in the background of the recording, in which most competitors do. In the darkness can be no results. Only for low light are outlines and weaker colors still recognizable.

    5. Equipment built to the music player: Formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, AMR, XMF, MIDI, artist, album, title, playlist, audiobooks, podcasts, Portrait / Landscape; Settings: Play mode: Random mode: On / Off, Loop: off / on, Equalizer: Normal, Bass, Mega Bass , language, height increase, stereo simulation: on / off; send as MMS, as email, via Bluetooth; information: name, created: on / um, size, length, artist, title, file , location, transfer, delete, playlist, minimize.

    6. Sound quality of the music player: The quality of MP3/Media-Players is good. Although the speakers on the back of the mobile phones positioned, but the songs you want anyway prima play. In the mid-range and bass sounds playing passable, but in high tones, the sound is a bit harsh. With the built-EQ, you can not make songs in automatic miracle change, but a little fine tuning and they are enhanced by, or on its own needs.

    7. Radio yes / no, sound quality of radio: 20 channels places; TrackID; Channel: Auto-save, delete, frequency, RDS, mono, stereo, minimize the sender name of the frequencies can be easily stored, but they are something of a character limit restricted. It is recommended that the station name entered in abbreviated form. The station points, with almost rausch free playback. Even when movements and changing channels, the sound remains steadfast and uncompromising.

    8. Memory: 32 MB internal - expandable to 4 GB.

    9. Conclusion: The photo / video equipment is simple and easy to use additional settings. The quality of the results are for a 2 MP camera quite well. A photo light is not available and, despite night mode, can be reached in the darkness no usable results. Very clear and easy it can be built MP3/Media-Player operate. An FM radio with RDS, the Sony Ericsson G502 also. This scores with 20 channels seats, easier operation, rather rauschfreiem and natural sound. The mobile phone has 32 MB of internal memory and is expandable up to 4 GB.

    The headset is also stable and sounds are pretty good

    Controller of the music player

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    Re: Sony Ericsson G502 Mobile Phone

    Handling / Menus

    Regrettable: the keys are with a good pressure point, but a slight slippage on adjacent keys

    Navigation Unit and additional shortcut keys, they are simple to operate

    1. One-hand operation for the main functions: yes.

    2. Call execute (with the menu of "Contacts"): Easy, Run a call and easy to find contacts.

    3. Readability of the display: On the day and at night very good readability of the display. In direct sunlight or light users, the small restrictions on the readability commands. It is also, like most other mobile phones, on the attitude of the subject and the background image.

    4. Handling the navigation elements to prospect menus: Too small, navigation unit, with easier handling, but also frequent slip on neighboring keys.

    5. Pressure point of the keys: Somewhat imprecise, but uniform pressure point, and unfortunately, slipping slightly on adjacent keys.

    6. Clarity of menus: The design is clear and concise and has good recognizable menu icons.

    7. Scope of the menus: Sensible menu with sufficient scope sub menu items.

    8. Graphic design of the menus: Modern graphic design with clear menu icons. The menu style is under Settings - screen changed. 1 Design is ready for selection.

    9. Opportunity for the assignment of shortcut keys: The navigation button with quick access documents. Laterally it, there are additional fixed programmed buttons for quick access to the menu.

    10. MMS and SMS handling: SMS: Symbol added element: picture, sound, animation, sound, templates, picture others; change in MMS message; Write options: Writing language: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, standard ABC, 123; dictionary T9; My words, dictionary, proposals, direct input, copy + paste: Copy everything, highlight and copy, paste; Info: T9 help, writing tips; MMS: Symbol added, writing options, direct input, copy + paste: Copy everything, highlight and copy , insert, page: After this, before adding, display time, Delete page, layout: Background edit text position; Advanced: Attachments, add signatures, template; Info: T9 help, writing tips, news tips, add images, video, sound, camera, sound recording, preview

    11. Operation of photo and video camera: Very easy and smooth operation of the photo / video camera and simply finding the additional settings.

    12. Operation of Music Player: The music player is quite clearly laid out, easy to use and adjust. Creating a playlist should not overwhelm. The settings are easy to find and handle.

    13. Reading Cards: The reading of Memory Stick Micro cards done quickly and the G502, the existing data; whereas those problems are automatically in as photo, music, videos, etc. arranged. Even with a 4 GB memory card with all the items were fairly quickly opened.

    14. File management: Lightweight create folders and move data.

    15. Conclusion: The operation of the G502 is on the whole easy. Run a call, adding contacts, and the readability of the display speak for the Sony Ericsson G502. The keyboard somewhat disappointed with its slight slippage on adjacent keys, but has a constant pressure point. The straightforward, clearly designed menu has a meaningful and timeless designed menu circumference. The ease of use of the photo / video camera, MP3 player and easy handling when SMS / MMS write a further plus points. Additionally, the Sony Ericsson memory cards quickly and easily read and re-enter the data. You can move data easily and smoothly.

    Overall Conclusion

    The Sony Ericsson has little money for an outstanding facilities

    The Sony Ericsson G502 offers a favorable market is very well equipped. Even the elegant and timeless look of the user should respond. To commend the HSDPA function for fast data connections, and the 2 MP camera with easier operation and quite good results in normal lighting conditions. When darkness made it, unfortunately, despite the night mode, no usable results. The internal music player scored with a good sound and easy to use equipment. The radio is very commendable, as the play and rushing fairly scratch-free. For the price of 110 - the euro may be the Sony Ericsson G502 as a pleasant companion for photo, music, web and Office definitely is not bad.

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