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Thread: Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset

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    Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset


    The Plantronics brand are well known to users of mobile devices. Indeed, for several years, the manufacturer has shown by offering Bluetooth headsets for the telephony market. The brand is not limited to this area of activity, far from it. It specializes in the design of microphones, headphones and headsets of all types. The "games" are not far behind. Plantronics intends to be present on this sector by offering a range of microphones headsets are dedicated to them. The mark was not always reflected positively. This headset sent there for the challenge? Response along the test we've conducted.


    The retractable microphone: This feature is valuable. When you do not need to use the microphone, you can sheathe. It will fit in the main branch of the headband of the headset. This idea is also aesthetic and practical.

    The integration of the microphone is perfect.

    A simple connection: The main difference between the Gamecom 367 of its big brother is to be found on the side of the connector. This time, the small USB sound card / Jack 3.5 mm will not be there. No panic, no difference in sound quality is not affected. You do not just benefit the few benefits that are provided by a USB port.

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    Re: Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset

    Comfort and support

    Comfort: On this point, the Plantronics headset is defending well. Even after a prolonged period of use, users should not feel the slightest discomfort (apart from heat). The foam disks are large, the majority of morphologies should find them. The pressure applied is strong enough to maintain good overall, but it does not exceed the critical threshold that could cause the appearance of localized pain.

    This headset is comfortable.

    Maintenance: All is well maintained. Even making sudden movements, the device does not move a millimeter. The headset is relatively light (for such a template) and maintains the pressure applied perfectly together.

    The pressure applied is strong enough to keep the headset in place.

    Printing heater: Despite the closure of the holes (compared to Gamecon 777) printing heater does not feel too. The diameter of headphones is imposing, but fortunately, the foam is adequately ventilated to allow perspiration.

    The impression of heater does not feel too.

    Adjustment possibilities: The two arms of the arch are telescopic. By deploying maximum, we get a particularly large scale. To complete this setup, Plantronics had the good idea to set the headphones on a kind of ball. The idea is good but we would have preferred that it provides a degree of magnitude more.

    Adjustable arms and joints in the headphones.

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    Re: Plantronics GameCom 367 Gaming Headset

    Sound quality (speakers and microphone)

    Headphones: Even at high speed, low should not decline. The sound that is more correct, but there is this headset preferred term bass. It does not mean that the sounds are muffled. The other sounds still able to speak, but in the end, the focus seems to level the sound spectrum. With this model, there is a sense that different instruments or sound effects are poorly differentiated. They are part of a whole that ultimately loses in richness and clarity. For example, unlike the PC 350 (Sennheiser) or HS1000 (creative), printing space is not really present.

    Microphone: Nothing to report. The headset of Gamecom 367 is equipped with a microphone which gives complete satisfaction. It does not capture the sounds of breathing. When not talking, no sound is captured. All good, in fact.

    It is possible to deploy a microphone if necessary.

    Finishing, constituent materials and robustness

    The finishing of Plantronics headset is in a high average. The perfect fit fittings and all seems to have been carefully studied. An impression of strength emerges from this headset. Despite this, there is still the top of the telescopic joint branches do not sessions quartering volunteers. In short, overall the GameCom 367 fares still pretty good. Side of constituent materials, we note that the equipment was carved in a gray plastic mat that does not necessarily leave an indelible memory.

    Sound insulation: The look impressive headphones suggests that the party has received special attention. Experience shows the opposite: headset placed on his head, without volume means the sounds perfectly. Plantronic obviously did not make any efforts to soundproof its headset. Of course, pushing the volume a minimum, it stifles instantly ambient noise. However, to avoid being embarrassed in noisy environments (LAN major party, at random), we would have appreciated that an effort was made to isolate the headphones.

    Contrary to what might suggest the scale of headphones, the sound is almost non-existent.

    Notes and conclusion

    Very few differences separate the GameCom 367 of its big brother (high end), the GameCom 777. A note mainly the disappearance of the small box incorporating a USB soundcard. Another difference this time, support Dolby will not be there. Yet in the end, the sound delivered by these two models seem almost identical. If one insists on choosing equipment Plantronics, the entry may be a good choice. Concerning the attributes of the product, we can report that the sound quality is not bad. The different sounds are made, but unfortunately, there is the impression that "Space" is not there. The lack of its terrain. On good ideas this time, as with the GameCom 777, evaluated the discretion of the micro shrink. In the folded position, it will never disturb your comfort (or even the overall aesthetics of the headset). In short, this headset is not bad, although it was expected to improve in terms of sound. However, the overall aesthetic might be difficult to convince.

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