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Thread: Nokia N97 Touchscreen mobile phone

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    Nokia N97 Touchscreen mobile phone

    This is the second touch smartphone companies, N97 - the mobile computer. It is difficult not to notice features of 5800 - virtually the same size, same touch screen (though a little more diagonally, 3.5 inches), but wrongly perceived N97 just as 5800 with the QWERTY keyboard and advanced features, a sense of the use of these devices different . Flagman only slightly more than 5800, it also rests comfortably in the hand, pleasant material shell, but the metal in the unit are not available. The body is made entirely of plastic, glossy surface, matte back cover, metal (under the bed covers all the same plastic) bezel screen. And if 5800 is precisely its value, the flagship of the line, the most expensive devices waiting original design, some unusual materials. It is a pity they do not exist in the N97. On the other hand the quality of assembly and plastic is very good, even the perfect true, there is a monolithic machine, despite the presence of moving parts.

    The primary color for the N97 - is dark brown and white version looks interesting and fresh, but in Russia it is too great attachment to the dark color. A sale of the original niche, expensive devaysa with the QWERTY-keyboard, so even in white color will be thousands, even tens not. Nevertheless, the two colors will be launched at the same time, the situation with a white Nokia E71, which appeared a few months later

    Screen Nokia N97 has the same permission as the 5800 XpressMusic, but little more is 3.5 inches diagonal. In 5800, there is one negative point - the high boards at the edges of the screen, which is not so easy to use scroll bars. In the N97 this defect corrected.

    One of the main hardware characteristics that distinguishes N97 from 5800, is a Full retractable QWERTY-keyboard, so that users in addition to the three ways of entering text (handwriting recognition, virtual keyboard, standard keyboard) added another, much more comfortable for a long correspondence . True keyboard - not the best in terms of the number of buttons, the layout. Surprising navigation button on the left, with a gap - the right, but not at the center. The logic here is the same as from manufacturers of gaming consoles - Right handed much easier to operate a joystick left hand to the right to remain free for additional, more complex actions. Buttons clear signs affixed to a substrate, the backlight is not too bright, but even its very visible in all conditions. Buttons separated, slightly convex, perfectly pressed, no false clicks.

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    Re: Nokia N97 Touchscreen mobile phone

    The number of keys - 33 of them alphanumeric 27. Localized keyboard N97 will not be the best way to enter text, it is obvious to all now. This area of the keyboard is great, and that was the reason for the refusal of a large number of buttons, it is not clear. Although one explanation for this is. N97 is not a business line of Eseries, and by definition should not be as comfortable keyboard. Compare with Nokia E90, the difference is huge, with virtually the same area of the keyboard. This, incidentally, means one thing: Communicators Eseries lineup will be different from the QWERTY-equipped devices, Nseries, and significantly. It is in relation to the keyboard, the business functions.

    In the Nokia N97 is the usual model of camera to the current devices Nseries, module exactly the same as in the Nokia N79, for example, (2,8 / 5,4). It provides a decent quality, but compared with the N82 is not so good. There is no xenon flash, is normal, LED (double). There is a protective curtains, so at this point the thickness of the device is 18 mm (in other places N97 about 2 mm thinner). Slot for memory cards is located under the rear panel can be hot-swappable. The amount of internal memory is 32 GB microSDHC cards are supported by up to 16 GB, but only because of that 32 GB is not yet reached the market. Thus Nokia N97 has become the most universal telephone in the world, such as the amount of memory there is no one other device. While the announcement MWC 2009 will bring a lot of big numbers and from other manufacturers.

    With this memory N97 is easy to use as a multimedia player, the sound quality matches the Nokia 5800, and in continuous MP3 playback device capable proderzhatsya 1,5 day - another record for mobile devices. Battery - BP-4L (1500 mAh), which is used in communicators Nokia.

    Widgets - this is the main feature of Nokia N97. There is a list of applications that can display on your desktop, including the well-known for 5800 cover of contacts, which, however, decreased in size, became more comfortable. Other applications - this calendar, music, profiles, the Links bar, and so on. Window applications, you can arrange the desktop in any way, you can hide, in general, maximum functionality.

    It supports all projects of the group Nokia OVI - this Share Online, Music Store, as well as the new company - So-Lo. According to its functionality, this service is comparable to a Gypsii, which is installed in smartphones from Samsung. Thanks to the integrated GPS module and function of A-GPS device "understands" where he is, and you can upload information about their location, along with photos, descriptions of the Internet. Other users can see it. This is a very interesting service, which we will tell you in the near future. Encouraging the emergence of applications Photos, which is missing in 5800. However, the list of all your pictures are still open in a grid, a beautiful circular scroll through there, even if the navigation keys in the N97.

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