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Thread: Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop

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    Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop

    Dell has recently renewed its professional range with the Latitude series "E". The improvements are many compared to the previous generation including a completely new chassis announced as particularly rigid and features - often optional - that upgrading competitive. The Latitude E can receive a screen with backlight LED brightness sensor, a backlit keyboard, modem HSPDA, etc. At the technological level, the range is of course based on the platform "Centrino 2" and Dell announced an autonomy quite impressive despite the presence of a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160m. There is therefore a lot of things to check with our Dell Latitude E6400 high-end.

    New look

    The Latitude E6400 is thoughtfully designed not just for looks, but to survive a long day on the job. With premium magnesium alloy construction, longer-lasting paint finishes and robust metal hinges, the new Latitude E6400 is more durable than ever. Work more comfortably with a precision-tuned keyboard that offers stronger key durability and optional backlighting. Roam the halls in style with our sleeker, slimmer profile that was inspired by feedback from thousands of users just like you.

    From the first minutes of ownership, the Latitude E6400 mark a clear break with the previous generation (e.g. D620): Exit painted plastics and medium rigid. The Latitude E6400 inspires quality and rigidity. In fact, it is not inspired by: it's solid! The opening of the screen is done by a central button that leaves an impression somewhat mixed. But the hinges are exemplary. They are firm and wish to maintain the screen perfectly in place. No game to mourn, not the slightest oscillation of the screen and they maintain strict slab regardless of the opening angle (limited to 160).

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    Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Features

    It turns?

    Silent operation, especially in office is an important if not crucial in choosing a laptop. The Latitude E6400 is a model equipped with a Core 2 Duo P9500 (Penryn at 2.53 GHz 1066 MHz FSB with 6 MB of cache) and a Quadro NVS 160 256 MB (580 MHz for the core and 16 processors flow to 1450 MHz), a pattern robust enough for 14 inches. Despite this power, the breakdown is triggered only rarely in office. Like any fan PWM, starting requires a slightly high but the speed drop very quickly. The noise in cruising speed is low and little awkward. Another important point to stress, the fan stops almost immediately after a processor and/or circuit diagram. Only 3D games activate the fan at full power and it becomes audible. In the end, the Seagate Momentus 7200.3 250 GB is the largest source of noise. With SSD, the Latitude E6400 is a charm!

    Pamper the user ...

    The Latitude E6400 does not align qualities in terms of technology. The backlit keyboard - copied Macbook - is one of the best that have encountered. Keys (smooth) are really pleasant to touch, is exemplary firmness, the race is good and it is silent. Speaking personally, I prefer even a "NMB" of Thinkpad (NMB is the subcontractor that produces the "best IBM keyboard). The lighting is controlled and can automatically turn off when the keyboard is not used or kept on.

    Without equal IBM Trackpoint, the scoring system to "stick" is correct. It must be said that the addition of the third button is for many. However, the "cap" is fairly small, rather badly done, too flexible and it does not provide a good grip than the Thinkpad. In addition, it does not have enough buttons. Do not worry, it remains quite feasible! The Touchpad recognizes the movement of zoom and scroll "turning in circles (like Samsung). Unfortunately, it does not offer automatic continuous or programmable area and is not multi-touch. Little detail, the wrist rests are also metal. But unfortunately, like all metal parts of the Latitude E6400, it retains all traces fingers!

    The display at 1440 x 900 LED backlight is excellent. With the brightness set to 5 or 6, it competes with conventional TFT screen with a neon. Maximum (level 15), the screen is too bright to use indoors. Given the current weather conditions, it is difficult to estimate its readability outdoors but not too forward, it should also be good. In the evening, a backlight set to 2, 3 or 4 is sufficient. A light sensor can dynamically adjust the backlight, which can increase the autonomy. The angles are in the average, without more, while the color rendering is good and frankly the backlight is uniform. The housing of screen defends hand rather well especially for a rigid model also end.

    The Latitude E6400 is equipped with a webcam, a microphone and a pair of speakers. If the first two do their job, the "speakers" are poor with a sound too metallic. It would inquire almost sounds if Windows were not modified as the record is different. Fortunately, the headphone jack does not suffer from this defect! The memory card reader mounted on the front is a SDHC but it has not accepted all SDHC test. Finally, the good old analog VGA port is assisted by a DisplayPort digital.

    Later communication, our model provides high-end Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN, Intel 82567 Gigabit, V92 modem, Bluetooth EDR and HSPA (Broadcom), eSATA port and a FireWire interface matters. The infrared goes by the wayside. A port and an ExpressCard docking connection can extend the possibilities of the machine.

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    Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Details and Mobility

    Small details ...

    Dell has clearly treated its Latitude E in every detail. Thus, the power is on the back as the RJ11 and RJ45 taken. The four USB ports are distributed on both sides of the laptop. Left-handed or right, nobody will be penalized by adding cable in an external mouse. Note that the USB port lower left is combined USB and eSATA! And yes, you can also connect a USB device with that eSATA hard drive. Frankly practice! Usually placed in the wrist rests, the biometric reader is next to the keyboard, as speaker. This is more convenient when the laptop is used on the knees (provided they are right). In this type of use, it also appreciates the merits completely flat and smooth laptop.

    The lights are blue including the webcam and led placed in the portable power side. The combination of blue and black is a success which gives the Latitude E compromise between professional sobriety and design trend. Dell has not yielded to the latest fashion to place tactile areas for volume control or multimedia features. To assist the keyboard, the Latitude relies on three buttons: increase and decrease the volume and mute. Simple, sober, unadorned and functional: it likes.


    The Latitude E6400 is a portable 14-inch wide. It displays 2495 grams on the balance with the high battery capacity of 85 Wh. As on the Thinkpad T40p since it exceeds the back of the laptop. If the Latitude E6400 is one of the most compact models with 335 x 244 x 33 mm, do not forget to add 20 mm in depth for the battery "beyond". The adapter is quite large (145 x 70 mm ) But very flat (16 mm), which facilitates storage. And furthermore, it is equipped with a two-pin (without the unnecessary earthing). Weight later, it is in the average with 400 grams cables included. The autonomy may go up to 6 hours with WiFi active and backlight driven by the brightness sensor. With the backlight set at 50%, it is still 5 hours in the same conditions. A perfect laptop for all travelers! You can also emphasize that the Intel chip PM45 benefits from a burning 65-nm (although ICH9m it is still 130 nm) against 90 nm for PM965 Santa Rosa machines.

    Last detail related to mobility, the modular bay that contains a DVD here Matshita UJ862A is now 9.5 mm high (as on the ThinkPad T Series) against 12.5 mm before.

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    Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Conclusion


    With its E Latitude, Dell introduced a new chassis that combines effective rigidity and accessibility. The trend also reflects a change in look and the transition to the Industrial Design clearly designed to appeal to fans of the Thinkpad. The Latitude E6400 is equipped with components of the most powerful for 14 inches wide but it does not heat and quiet fan is running more than ever necessary. Very powerful, the Latitude E6400 is also a reference in terms of autonomy: up to 6 hours with the 85 Wh battery. Furthermore, the keyboard and dual pointing system is really perfect. They seduce without any problem of unconditional Thinkpad! Especially with the backlit keyboard option equal to the comfort of the ThinkLight. Still on the strengths, 1440 x 900 LED screen (optional) driven by a brightness sensor is really a must.

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