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Thread: Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Keyboard and MX 1100 Mouse

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    Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Keyboard and MX 1100 Mouse

    There are more or less a year, the Swiss manufacturer Logitech launched with much fanfare its first real ergonomic keyboard: Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave. Designed by experts in ergonomics, the keyboard is comfortable with an innovative touche, which are arranged in a single block, unlike Microsoft, but a wave to adjust to the height of your fingers. Particularly successful in terms of design and comfort, the keyboard, sold in kit, was crippled by two limitations on us: the use of a radio on the 27 MHz band and the inclusion of a mouse down range of unrelated ... comfortable!

    Aware of the shortcomings outlined above, Logitech comes back with a new version of its Cordless Desktop Wave, the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro. If the keyboard does not, it is now accompanied by an MX 1100, the natural descendant of the MX 1000, a mouse that had not changed for too long. What do Cordless Desktop Wave Pro reference?


    We said in the introduction of the familiar Dekstop Cordless Wave will not be at home by the model kit "Pro" since it is identical to its predecessor. Therefore, there ergonomic keyboard with integrated wrist. Not detachable, it offers a surface smooth and pleasant. Quite large in size, the Wave keyboard is distinguished by the design of its buttons. These are placed on a single block, unlike the series of Microsoft Natural Keyboard, but their height is different. In order to adapt to the difference to your fingers, the keys are carved in a curve is subtle but relatively pleasant. Moreover, even the keys on the keypad benefit from this refinement. Finally, all the character keys have the same dimensions.

    Among the details quite surprising Wave, there is not one but two catches to tilt. The first cleat tilt the keyboard as an axis of 4, the second the axis of 8 . No lights indicating the status of function keys, the Logitech Wave gets in the top of a ribbon of multimedia keys. This will control the playback of his songs, adjust volume, mute switch, launch Windows Media Center or launch its media player. Optimized for Windows Vista, the keyboard has a button activating the flip 3D, a button launching the Windows Sidebar and its gadgets while it has a zoom function screen via a toggle button. Above the keypad is a button to launch the calculator and a button to pause the computer that offers Logitech.

    Identical to its predecessor in many respects, the Wave keyboard kit Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro is its radio. In truth called Wave 2.4, the New Wave uses a radio transmission finally worthy of the name on the 2.4 GHz, while the link is encrypted. That should limit the interference problems or delays. It will be recalled moreover that the first copies of Wave have been entitled to update their firmware due to a problem of repetition of keys, mistakes which is no news on this model, fortunately! Finally, note that power from the keyboard is provided by two batteries LR6 that is inserted into a home below the keyboard while novelty of this edition 2.4, a button "on / off" to shut down completely the keyboard.

    Details of the Logitech Wave keyboard

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    Logitech MX 1100: a new generation mouse

    Logitech MX 1100: a new generation mouse

    Great novelty of this kit Wave Pro, the MX 1100 as a successor to the aging MX 1000. For this new mouse, Logitech offers a relatively aggressive design mixing materials with one side shiny plastic moving around the base of the mouse, a plastic mat on the body of the mouse, as well as rubber bands located on each end. With large Teflon runners - there are three - the mouse fits the shape of your right hand through a relatively wide hull while it displays a very good glide. Very comfortable, with its resting area for the thumb, the MX 1100 offers a number of buttons which inherited MicroGear wheel, or almost, the MX Revolution. Almost since the wheel, if it indeed offers a serrated scroll and a scroll free, does not function automatically switches between modes. It would be necessary to press the button MicroGear located just below the wheel to change mode: players probably appreciate while users of office suite regret the system automatically switches the MX Revolution. Recall that in mice, the transition from one mode to another scroll is achieved via a click of the dial is where the frame rate is fast, automatically detecting the running application for propose the most suitable. As the latest versions of the MX Revolution, including his incarnation Bluetooth, the wheel of the MX 1100 is now manufactured in a metal mat as she always has a rubber band slightly secured for a very good grip with your index.

    Equipped with a laser sensor, the MX 1100 has a maximum resolution of 1 600 dpi is more than twice the MX 1000. Fun with little detail, the sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable via a selector, located just beside the left mouse button: on this type of mouse, this is not the kind of adjustment that is expected to recover, but why not after all? By default, the magnitude of adjustment is permitted between 800 and 1600 dpi, but it is possible to drop to 400 dpi through SetPoint drivers.

    On the left side of the mouse we find two buttons assigned duties by failing to previous page and next page while the bottom of the housing area where your thumb is clickable. In a pressure on this button activates the flip 3D Windows Vista and it is of course possible to change this feature, still not using SetPoint drivers. With a rechargeable battery, not a Lithium-Ion battery as the MX Revolution in particular, the MX 1100 has a visual indicator of his condition that we admire in connecting to its charger. Again, Logitech waives his habits since the Swiss manufacturer offers not a basis for loading on most of its models since the MX 700, but a proprietary format to cable and linked at the top of the MX 1100. This cable can either be connected to the AC adapter provided either a USB jack on your PC or your screen (for example). End noting the presence in the basement of the mouse, a button to turn it off completely.

    The MX 1100 Mouse view in all its glory

    Comfort typing accuracy of the mouse

    In practice, the Wave 2.4 is particularly pleasant, first through his wrist rests that provides, as on the Natural Keyboard 4000 from Microsoft, a very good basis for palms of your hand. The buttons are facing a Natural Keyboard 4000, may be a bit too tightly to the taste of your servant, while the contact offered by the space bar is delicious. The curvature of the keys is fairly subtle and requires few successive strikes to be felt: it does not so much on the comfort of strikes on the facility to place his fingers in the right places on the keyboard. Particularly pleasant to use, the Wave is disappointing on one point: the disposal of its key vertical positioning. The Delete key occupies the place of two normal keys while the keypad is closer to the rest of the keyboard, which is not problematic.

    As for the mouse, the famous MX 1100, ... that this is happiness! Larger than Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, she married the shape of your hand and slides perfectly on the desktop. With its multiple commands, the MX 1100 surprised even its hidden button to activate Flip 3D Windows Vista! Level accuracy, the optical sensor does not face the red MX Revolution of the same manufacturer with a speed quite suitable for office use. Faced with the MX 1000, the MX 1100 offers a speed fast enough to not activate the software acceleration.


    While the first edition of the Wave does not let us unforgettable memories, the lack of technological choices particularly questionable, namely the use of a radio transmission obsolete and the inclusion of a mouse frankly low-end Logitech finally corrects the shot with this pack 'Pro Wave ". Also, thanks to the 2.4 GHz radio, we can now enjoy a keyboard that transcribes our strikes repetition without delay or erratic as it offers a particularly valuable ergonomics. In this, Logitech is very strong because Switzerland offers a keyboard designed for comfort without the inconvenience of a Microsoft Natural Keyboard for example where a learning phase is essential. Which of the two is the best? Hard to say ... The Wave is very pleasant, not only through its sculpted keys but also thanks to his wrist rests or to silence those keys, while the separation into two zones strikes a Natural Kebyoard remains a must in this area We believe. But faced with a right keyboard, the Wave is perfect, simply.

    As for the mouse, the MX 1100 also deserves praise Logitech changed since one of its flagship models beautiful way. Sliding impeccable, ownership more than comfortable, and precision appointments are arguments for the MX 1100 which will pay the luxury of being rechargeable and build the MicroGear wheel, albeit in a less advanced version unfortunately on the MX Revolution, the transition from one mode to another scroll remaining manual. But do not deny our pleasure because it allows mulot to make its Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave kit Pro finally attractive, positioning truly on the segment originally targeted, the comfort, performance and ergonomics. As for pricing, it remains virtually unchanged since the Pro model is trading around 95 euros TTC is similar around the introductory price of the Wave.

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