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Old 29-11-2008
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Resistance 2 (PlayStation 3)

Spearhead of the PlayStation 3 at launch, Resistance: Fall of Man has not experienced the glory of laurels, however. From a disappointing classicism in the light of the revolutionary aspirations of the PlayStation 3, the title of Insomniac Games itself to ensure essential. The studio did not blow his trial because, remember, the name of the first PlayStation in its time had a nice FPS soberly called disruptors.

For a second foray into the genre, we expect still more. The Burbank studio does not demands and offers today a second component, always exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The shortcomings of which his predecessor had been filled?

A better organized resistance?

Two years after the events of the first part, Europe is to thank you chimeras. The United Kingdom has failed to resist the invasion, assigned to the dam. Direction the United States, where the fleet now deploys extra-terrestrial and where we find Nathan Hale, now occupied to protect the last bulwark stands between survival and ruin. The brave sergeant is left for a campaign that led him this time from San Francisco to Mexico via Chicago. Oh Oh Oh. Agreed in its premise, the history of this second album is even more in its progression. It's simple, the player is so immersed in the march of events it never loads boots Nathan. Understand is that the growth is supported by a first degree that story never took the shorter distance with the view of Nathan Hale. So, we must admit, it does not always what happens. Pass that the traditional position of the omniscient player has not been chosen, but the secondary could still be more loquacious by distilling some clarification.

Anyway. After eight hours of play, we remember the intensity of this campaign. Short, but thrilling. Compared to the first part, Resistance 2 has become more explosive: more enemies and bosses often high, which ensure the show. So certainly, the situations encountered lack of diversity and are mostly in control of successive waves of enemies or clean a spot busy to continue his progress. But the intensity can never falters and the game offers some moments of pure brutality, especially when the rush Grims rampaging hordes of emaciated and freshly out of their cocoons. Quite frightening creatures for you to paste the Miquet when moving into a building in ruins with your flashlight only source of light, one of them out of the darkness in belching, look livid. Good times of fear. Of course, the bestiary of other varieties of chimeras, from the sly (LEAP) to the most violent (plague). Unfortunately, artificial intelligence is too limited and clashes lack flavor. of the initiative taken the side of Chimeres as soldiers SRPA. Once again, Resistance 2 does not overflow the borders of a kind often pointed to its shortcomings in this area.

Resist! Show that you exist!

Does this mean that resistance 2 displays no ambition? Not quite, since some environments totally the sublime. It is believed to San Francisco and devastated landscapes bathed in light glowing and crushed by the massive presence of cruisers extra-terrestrials. Or in Chicago, ghost town teeming underground invaders and a wind swept responsible debris of a bygone era. Panoramas of a haunting beauty that one can not help spending a few minutes of pure contemplation. But the two examples are exceptions, unfortunately, appears alongside Mexico City, scene of last chapter. The rusty reverse of the coin: closed environments - warehouses, tunnels and housing - and grayish, often agreed in their architectures, reminding us that same sense of confinement prevailing in the first strand. Too bad because these trips to air free are among the best moments of the game and give it a top identity unfortunately delite by austere interiors. As for the protagonists of this story, despite a clean and complete modeling, a little more attention to detail would have been superfluous. None of them emerges from real charisma, and certainly not Nathan. So, one might almost suppose that the emptiness of each appears on the screen. Indeed, textures simple, even simplistic at times, contribute to the smoothness of the characters. However, all stands and despite this lack of character Resistance 2 provides a consistent casting.

In short, the campaign solo, if it still fails to assert the identity of the game, still offers the continuous action and a good dose of fun. Multiplayer side, we can say that Insomniac Games is showing a little more daring. Although the Competition mode still lacks content with only four game environments in three configurations each and classic game modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish and capture the flag - but we still welcome the opportunity to meet sixty players in combat. Otherwise be a little confusing at first, but we must recognize that the fury of combat is even more intense. Cooperation online is also strong, as eight players can accomplish a mission together. Of course, the split-screen is always the game, offering two acolytes to play the whole campaign. In short, a very large piece fishing only by lack of content in Competition. A deficiency that we hoped offset via downloading content ... free, if possible!


Just as classic and conservative than his predecessor, Resistance 2 explosive in gagne however. In the continuous action, a multiplayer strong despite some shortcomings, the title of Insomniac Games simply lack of identity and courage. The fault to a level-design lukewarm, except for some remarkable scenery, a surprisingly dark storyline and weak and finally little or no real novelty since the first strand. Damage, we looked the more for a second jet. A good FPS despite anyway.
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