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    Lunascape browser

    Lunascape is a browser with 3 renders. It can behave like IE, Firefox or Safari according to your wishes. Especially as fully customizable interface lets you adjust its friendliness and look to your desires and your habits. Find out today...

    Step 1: Installation

    A browser that can switch at will on any of the 3 engines made the most popular Web, this is not trivial! ll Have a real compatibility 100%! Not only is a perfect compatibility with Web standards through Gecko, but also full compatibility with all Web sites on the planet which is probably more important! While the software is currently available in English and Japanese. n addition, the rendering engine does not provide the usability and functionality of a browser. On many points, LunaScape even if it uses the rendering engine of IE and Firefox does not look. But it also brings its share of new and some very unusual features that deserve your interest.

    To download Lunascape 5, click here

    Installation is fairly simple, served by an assistant of classiques more, but it necessarily requires an active Internet connection. Indeed, the installer will, during the installation process, download the latest versions of WebKit and Gecko engine. Suddenly, this phase may be relatively long, but it is completely automated.

    At first launch, the software offers to import your browser settings exist.You can choose not to import, or select the browser you use most among the proposed list.

    Lunascape is still in Alpha version. This version is sometimes unstable and some ergonomic short comings will be improved by the final version.

    Step 2 : Advanced Customization

    Also in the first launch, the software offers to choose a "Style" navigation. Several basic choices are offered by default but illustrate one of the first qualities of this browser: it is fully and completely "plugin" through "skins. All the various aspects of a browser can be adjusted independently of each other: look, organization of the window, organization of the search, organization of the status bar, etc.

    To change at any time has the look, the organization of the browser, go to the Tools menu and select Change Style.

    Option Settings Window offers to choose between:
    • An ergonomic way Firefox, select Default
    • An ergonomic way Safari, select Simple
    • An ergonomic way IE7/IE8, select Stylish

    The Status Bar option adjusts the amount of options visible in the status bar:
    • Default mode displays a maximum of information and switches regulating characteristics
    • Simple mode only the minimum subsistence level.

    To completely transform the appearance of the browser, start by visiting the site Skins ( Simply select one of them to be automatically downloaded and installed. To switch from one style to another, go to the Tools menu, deploy the submenu Change Style and the Design sub-menu and choose your preferred style.

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    Discover the new Lunascape browser

    Step 3 : engines or nothing ...

    The great feature of Lunascape is its ability to switch from one rendering engine to another. At the bottom of the window on the left you will see a small icon that indicates the engine used. Simply click to switch to another engine.

    The most amazing thing is that every open tab may use a different rendering engine. Obviously, this can lead to memory very important as it rises when several engines simultaneously. But it is also useful to compare the display of the same site as the three main systems rendering the market.

    Note also that the manner of IE8, you can tell what Lunascape renderer adopt automatically according to the site responsible for:
    • In the View menu, go to Rendering Engine then in Auto Engine Switcher.

    • Enter a URL by adding a "*" prefix and suffix (eg *. *)

    • Then select the engine to be used and press OK.

    • Each time you go on the site, Lunascape will automatically use the designated driver.

    Step 4: A gesture navigation

    Lunascape uses shortcuts gestures.They are to conduct operations or perform a function of a menu, simply by drawing a movement with the mouse. To do so simply to maintain the right mouse button down and make the gesture.

    By default, gestures are recognized:

    • RMB + fast left: return to the previous page
    • RMB + fast to the right: go to the next page
    • RMB + fast down: close the active tab
    • RMB + moving down and then left: iconified browser

    But you can easily enrich gestures recognized from the Tools menu, then Settings and then in Lunascape in Action and Mouse Mouse Gesture.

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    Lunascape browser security

    Step 5: Security

    Most infections and threats Web use scripts and applets. A good way not to become infected when taking some risks to explore the Web pages unknown is to disable support for scripts and Java.

    Normally this should be done through the Tools menu, option Security. But a bug in the alpha version makes it impracticable menu. Better to opt for another ergonomic solution:
    Go to Tools, then on Change in Style and Status Bar and select Default.

    At the bottom of the window locate the icons and S J. When color is that the scripts and Java are enabled. Simply click on it to disable them.

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