Two months and several days after the release of FaceBreaker for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, EA Freestyle finally the Wii version of its game of boxing "big show". Almost similar in substance to current-gen episodes, this KO Party timely to try to compete with the eternal Wii Sports on his land, even to go tickle the incomparable Ready 2 Rumble. Final verdict in this Test Express.

Here comes a new challenger!

Gameplay, content, design, the recipe used for FaceBreaker Xbox/PS3 is resumed at the same embellished of on-board course. If the game is technically a lot of concessions from its counterparts, it remains very enjoyable to watch, no doubt thanks to its overall design success. The characters are charismatic and their mimicry delusional, offering gambling capital sympathy consequently closer to the reference Ready 2 Rumble. Only the sets are a little disappointing with their lack of relief and life. Level content, whether online game modes and creation of fighters have simply disappeared, the rest has remained virtually unchanged. Fighting in bars to unlock the characters and win the solo belts, machine cutting or randomly establishes the rules and team up to four playable battle by putting the Wiimote for multiplayer.

It is a bit thin, especially since the gameplay flawed from the previous version remained unchanged. If on paper it all seems quite technical, with the ability to cope, to dodge and block, in fact KO Party strongly disappointed. Too fast, too rough, too rough and too imprecise especially, the gameplay of this FaceBreaker nearly zero points. If multiplayer clashes are balanced (everyone being housed in the same), solo is a real ordeal. The difficulty is poorly measured, artificial intelligence systematically failed attempts your web, and very rapidly in the (yet short) mode Fighting in bars. The ridiculous mini-game after a proposed Knock Down not change the case. The latency of the Wiimote is detrimental to the comfort of play and gestures permanent vein as the chance seems to dictate its law for fighting anyway little change. The characters are indeed quite similar to each other and, apart from their projections more or less effective and the ratio power / speed to your own fighter, difficult to find any subtlety of gameplay among the twelve boxers available.


KO Party, if there is enough steam to many, does not offer enough variety and accuracy in their gameplay to attract players over time. The content is a bit stingy and combatants too similar in substance to be able to be completely seduced by the atypical and delirious atmosphere that emerges from under EA Freestyle. Nevertheless, it may be appropriate for fans coming on Wii, with level because it arises there. A game popcorn too incomplete for our attention.