Already convicted by deliberate Turning Point, Spark Unlimited gives cover with a brand new FPS. Atari succeeded Codemasters to follow the studio's creative whims, and that is trembling lest we insert the DVD into the console. A poor series opens up a Pandora's box, and now a string of monsters that invade the planet. That is the starting point of this Legendary, which does not really figure scarecrow at the end of this particularly busy year in large productions.

Legendary yellow ...

Deckard is the name of our unfortunate hero, is manipulated by a person in dark secret that plan also black. He opens a Pandora's box, calmly kept in a museum New Yorkers, and not trigger a whorehouse possible. The griffons roam the heavens, the werewolves invade the streets, killing at cars and passers towers claws. Aided by a secret society, we must restore some order in all this. Without a catastrophic scenario Legendary lack of inventiveness and daring. The use of this rather nice background mixing mythologies is too partial to ourselves until the end, little helped that we are idiots and dialogues dubbed French too much. The staging is not without assets, sometimes well served by making scripts almost credible collapse of civilization. Unfortunately, this dynamic facade quickly gave way to a series of corridors all closer together than others, particularly frustrating in the early hours of Thursday unfolding in the streets of New York. There is not a millimeter of freedom in Legendary.

That was just embarrassing in Call of Duty 4 becomes dramatic, mainly because of technical shortcomings proudly displayed by the game summary modeling, textures without relief, bugs collision and display, delays, includes Legendary almost every imaginable defects for a video game. A penalty is one seduced by a panorama, especially in the second part of the game in England, that the sad reality of domestic moribund we catch up. Artificial intelligence is not to subscribe, whether ultra-Bourrin monsters or enemies human path-finding as predictable as it is. The sound effects are without souls, and the main theme song is nice, it regrets the lack of variety of tracks on the length. Remains at a final design bestiary varied from laughable (leeches) to acceptable (Griffin, golem). If we should not see them too closely, we must recognize that the monsters in the largest cast by far. Fortunately, some sequences with a furious pace pleasantly occur here and there in the eight chapters of the game, also very low feelings.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is the same as the rest. Besides this linearity unbearable, note the cruel lack of sensation in the phases of action, without being quite boring soft. It stops only to pull back a little life by absorbing the animus that could also serve to time to trigger a special power as useless as missed visually. Some facilities could be interesting, as was done to cut the head of a werewolf for final completion. But how decapitate an enemy whose head is stuck in a texture borked? The infinite respawn opponents, forcing you to intervene at the source to end, is simply lourdingue, as the "piracy" of certain computer locks, is conducting maintaining a key for 15 seconds. Frustrating, the Legendary is undoubtedly due to checkpoints spaced too forcing you to redo half of a standard for death, not without you having inflicted a time of interminable loading previously because of ridiculously short breaks preventing us to evolve properly, because of the slowness of our overall figure compared to the speed of enemies: why get excited are many, for a show which will last one to eight hours. The multiplayer, for the desert, ahead of more traditional, almost pass as the lady of spades in line for the throne fair. But it will try to piece ...


Legendary scenario is a symbolic representation of the position of facing the player Thursday Immersion is unwavering, and the recursive perfect. As the hero, the player opens the box also gives him great unhappiness. A story that still torment the long, he tell his grandchildren because he saw terrible things: a damaged gameplay, a linear progression of a distressing, errors alarming level design and a multitude of bugs in any Legendary condemn that kind to be a booby catch, especially at this pivotal period of the year. This is despite the real nervousness that we feel in certain sequences and the varied bestiary offering original enemies, not always for the better it is true. Few qualities, anyway not sufficient to break Legend of the deepest abyss in which he sees himself pathetically. A great failure, which is not expected better, it is true.