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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Direct extension of the work done first on Dune 2 and Command & Conquer, Red Alert saga has chained the success with no fewer than five titles in five years. However, the war between Allies and Soviets abruptly ended with the release of The Revenge of Yuri in 2001. Having given for every day the fight GDI / NOD to integrate a third faction, Electronic Arts has decided to do the same with Red Alert 3 and the arrival of the Empire of the Rising Sun. While the year 2008 has been very calm decidedly level strategy games real time, the novelty will it be enough to convince us?

    Command & Conquer remains very alert
    In 1945 and then a trip back in time Ally has already chamberlain history (to eliminate Hitler before he takes power), the Soviets are preparing to do the same: completely cornered, they don ' have no other choice than to try an experiment to eliminate Albert Einstein, the head of the technological advance of the Allies. At first, General Krukov and Prime Minister Cherdenko are delighted by the results of the experiment: in the USSR, the political situation is calmer and Allied military advantage which no longer exists, in theory, the Soviet forces to resume the offensive. In theory because it does not need time to understand that secrecy is a new power emerged on the international scene: the Empire of the Rising Sun.

    That is essentially the scenario because the three campaigns in Red Alert 3. Travel through time once again to honor and we can not moreover that the writers have shown great imagination. These three campaigns, one for each faction in the presence (Allies, Soviet and Japanese) is cut into nine missions each, a total of 27 missions for the only scripted part of the game Unlike other titles, it is not necessary to proceed "in order". The player can start with the campaign of his choice, take a break after three missions to tackle another campaign and come back then: the increase is at the discretion of the player, as well as the choice of difficulty level.

    Unfortunately, hostilities begin in a little too quiet with the Soviet campaign does not shine by its originality. The scenario here is very classic and twists telephoned to say the least, fortunately saved from missions, certainly no genius, but effective. Developers have called upon the principle of openness of the battlefield which, during the same mission, to grow the map as the success of goals. These are very simple, but just allow everyone to quickly enter the bath. Red Alert 3 remains faithful to here what has made the success of the series Command & Conquer: clear goals, a successful interface and a grip immediately.

    While keeping these elements, of course developers have integrated the new foremost mode coop is the most important. If the multiplayer is common in the world of real-time strategy, the cooperative is currently still confidential. Electronic Arts has decided to pull out all the stops to play in all 27 missions of the three campaigns with a friend. The operation of this is quite simple: at the beginning of each mission, we can play solo or coop. To do this, simply connect to the Internet and allow a player to join us. Then, the mission is little more complicated because the two friends took part together in the mission and should accomplish the same objectives in solitary.

    It is then possible to support attacks together and share the tasks ahead for parties who take a special flavor. We regret however that the objectives remain a little too wise and we are confident that it would have been possible to go much further. Unfortunately, developers were probably limited by the obligation to make campaigns playable in real "solo". The role of the second player is then assigned to artificial intelligence that is doing rather well by example by being able to build units complementary to those of the player or to support its attacks. It is even possible to provide some specific targets, but it must not expect miracles.

    Attacks of this artificial intelligence remain relatively stereotyped and the same goes for our enemies. They are incapable of surprising us and the maximum level of difficulty, only by its ability to manage multiple fronts at the same time that the IA is able to counter the regulars. For beginners or occasional players, the picture is more positive and they should be able to enjoy a good fifteen hours minimum with the 27 tasks they will also discover all the innovations devised by developers From the faction of the Empire of the Rising Sun to new units designed for the Allies and the Soviets. These are not revolutionary, but reinforcing including naval aspect of things.

    "We Want War, Wake Up!"

    In Rogue Alert 3 is indeed take the fight until the middle of the oceans through cards rather large and systematically with extensive sea. Rarely, a set of real-time strategy had given as much importance to the environment in naval and Red Alert 3, it is simple, most units can fight on the water. More interesting still, the opportunity to build a real foundation on the water since most of the structures need not be built on land. Of course, one should not necessarily very long to take into account this of the game, but this is a change that brings new blood, which is obviously not displeasing to us.

    Allies and Soviets can count on some new units in order to update, but also on changes that developers were forced to do so because the scenario : Einstein absent, many units, including allies, could not exist . The tank or helicopter Goalkeeper Twinblades make their entry as well as the Hydrofoil and Stingray. These units are mastered quickly enough, but to enrich it further, secondary skills have been added and "special weapons" (attack orbital radius of freezing ...). Again, the mastery of these subtleties is hardly complex, it is a matter of time, but it makes fighting a little more surprising and increase turnaround possible.

    Finally, the bulk of novelty, of course, by introducing a new faction: the Empire of the Rising Sun. Largely inspired by some traditional and cultural aspects of Japan, this faction is very fun to play through its units' transformers. Several units have secondary jurisdiction as the ability to change into another unit which allows, as appropriate, to spend submarine hunter or jet with all-terrain vehicle. These changes allow these units to be more versatile, but require some time to adapt. The arrival of Japan has also enriched the cinematic, a real trademark of the series. For the occasion, EA has put the means.

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    Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    While the sets are more elaborate than the previous opus, the actors are many and well known (Tim Curry, Jenny McCarthy, Peter Stormare, JK Simmons, Kelly Hu, George Takei, Jonathan Pryce ...). It is not about to depart deliciously kitsch style that works fairly well. These cinematics are there to illustrate the progress of the script and put into the atmosphere, although some players may find exemptions. They will probably much more interested in the multiplayer mode that does not disappoint for one second if this is perhaps the limit of six players. Many maps are very different present and retains all nervous and dynamic style of the series.

    After the discovery phase of new units / opportunities, multiplayer confrontations seem well on Scotcher players for long hours. It is still too soon to be completely fixed, but it seems that the forces are no unbalanced and versatility Japanese armies did not believe more than that. Finally, end on a more "technical" to confirm all the good that we believe the realization of the game: the bugs and crashes are virtually nonexistent, but we must still rely on a machine properly to benefit ( Pentium IV 3 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, GeForce 7800GT). If all tastes are in nature, there is no denying the quality graphic Red Alert 3 with a really superb water effects and beautiful colors despite perhaps a bit too saturated.


    Key points of our test and accessories that Red Alert 3? Electronic Arts by reviving the famous license has decided to make some pleasant news well as the third faction or increasing the aspect of naval clashes. Ultimately, these improvements do not change much in the fighting and it's just slightly modify our strategies to integrate these new features. No, the real change has to play the entire campaign in cooperative mode, an option that other titles had proposed in the past, but that works hard here. Backed by the sympathetic cinematic and missions as diverse as well designed, these three campaigns exciting newcomers and casual players. The specialists will once again serve as a springboard to a multiplayer mode still nervous where fighting is based more on speed of execution as the tactical military sense. Nonetheless, it is that is why we appreciate the saga and not Red Alert 3, which may disappoint us, of course not expect a revolution.


    • Three distinct campaigns
    • Excellent cooperative mode
    • Making quality
    • Multiplayer very effective


    • Not quite ambitious cooperative
    • Few new side Allies / Soviets

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