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    Yogesh Guest

    tag2find - Tag & Find files easily


    A tag is simply a label or keyword that describes your file for making it easer to find. You will find everything (documents, movies, images, music, etc.) on your desktop by simply using tags. It does not matter where your files are stored on your disk, you will find them anyway.

    Austria-based tag2find has created a nifty application that allows tagging for any type of desktop file. It only works with Windows machines running XP or Vista, and it relies on the .NET framework. tag2find helps you to find everything on your desktop by simply using tags. With tag2find you do not need to have inflexible folder structures anymore: tagging frees your information.

    tag2find brings tagging to the operating system itself. So it does not matter where your files are stored on your disk, you will be able to easily find them.

    tag2find lets you....
    1. Organize files your way
      • Create your own world of information.
      • Tag files to be easily and quickly accesible.
      • Forget about the traditional structures.

    2. Find what you need
      • tag2find keeps track of files that are important for you.
      • Save time when you look for specific information.
      • Avoid problems to remember the specific structure of your desktop.

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    Yogesh Guest
    How tag2find works?

    Create a tag for your file
    • Tags are based on your personal associations.
    • Use how many tags you want.
    • Tag files to be esaily and quickly accesible.
    • Tag all kind of files (documents, movies, images, music, etc.)

    Find your files in an easy way
    • Persistent tagging - move your files around or copy them. Your tags will still stick to your files.
    • Limit your search for types of files.
    • Drag& Drop your files for others applications.

    The application will sit quietly in system tray and only a transparent float bar could create inconveniences for some users, but this can be easily solved by removing it from the context menu or by simply closing it. Accessing the context menu of the tray icon gives you the possibility of setting up tag2find. It can be configured to include search results from Recycle Bin, customize the action for double clicking the tray icon, append folders to be watched by the application and receive a notification whenever new files are added or set exclusion folders and extensions for tag2find to keep an eye on.

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    Yogesh Guest

    Features of tag2find

    Features of tag2find
    • tag2find is integrated...

      tag2find can be integrated everywhere where you need it - in the taskbar, in Explorer, in Internet Explorer or even in a floating position.

    • Tag wherever you are...

      tag2find is where you need it. Tag files using the file's context menu, drag&drop it to the next tag2find toolbar, the Floating TagBox, the TagBrowser.

    • Floating TagBox

      Just a little textbox... with so much power to find and organize your information.

    • Related Tags

      Never get lost in your tagged desktop. Related tags guide you to using your tags consistently while tagging and provide you suggestions on how to get closer to the goal of your research while searching.

    • Play music & movies...

      Enjoy videos and music directly from tag2find by using your pre-installed Windows Media Player 9+.

    • TagBrowser

      Explore your tagged files by browsing them, sorting them, filtering them. Let the TagBrowser guide you to your information and enjoy your multimedia content from one spot. Limit search by files types (e.g. find only movies, images, etc. tagged; with a special tag). TagBrowser also offers you powerful features for quickly organizing the tags of large amounts of files.

    • TagCloud

      Visualizes your most popular tags at one glimpse. Surf your tagged desktop and discover your information by browsing through your own personal TagCloud.

    • Personalize tag2find to suit your needs...

      tag2find is highly configurable to suite your special needs. Change the way tags look, what should be included in your search result, and how important parts of tag2find behave.

    • New File Monitoring

      Get automatically informed by tag2find as soon as you create or download new files. "New File Monitor" will watch certain folders (which you can define) for new files of a certain type (we provide you with a good set to start with). Whenever a new file is created in such a location, you will be notified by a small popup that there is a new file and you can now quickly and easily assign your tags to this file or lad them into TagBrowser.

    • Drag&Drop

      You can now not only drag files into tag2find, you can also drag them out of the search result popup or the TagBrowser. If you drag files over to explorer, the files will be moved/copied. If you drag them to your e-mail composer window, they will be attached to the mail. If you drag & drop them to an open application, most applications will open the file you drop.

      The behavior is the same as from Windows Explorer, so anything you can do with drag & drop from Explorer, you can now also do from tag2find!

    • Export/Import your tags

      If you are going to set up your computer again or if you want to move over files to a new computer you can use export/import of tag2find.

    • Tag Initializer (simple version)

      Using tags is cool, but the hard part is starting your own tag environment. tag2find will help you by automatically tagging your files for you, to get you started.

      A wizard is provided which will provide you with initial tag suggestions based on:

      • folder path: Often existing path names can also be used as tags, so this can get help you get started

      • file names: Based on the filename, the type of the file is determined and tags for music, documents, images, etc. are suggested

      • metadata: MP3 files already contain metadata, called ID3; this data is extracted and suggested as tags

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    Yogesh Guest

    Pros & Cons of tag2find


    tag2find provides a quick and ingenious way to get access to files or groups of files on your computer. It is easy to configure and work with.

    Setting it up requires the minimum effort from the user and the floating bar can sit anywhere on the desktop and thanks to transparency options be totally unobtrusive to the user.

    Details view provides preview for images, video and audio files.


    The application is still at the beginning and there is plenty of room for improvement. Adding more options to make the software more flexible than it already is would be to its advantage. A nice feature would be integrating the floating bar in Windows taskbar and allowing the display of entire folders would bring even more value.


    tag2find is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to fast finding files on the disk, bringing a new approach by grouping elements with the same tag(s). The effort in working with the application is minimum on the user's part and elements corresponding to the same tag are displayed in a jiffy.

    There aren't any drawbacks of the program, just plenty of room for new features and options tailored to infuse more value. The application is at an early version and already looks and feels great so there should be nothing but quality and improvement on the way.

    Directories & folders were the structure of the 20th century. Now it's time for something new - TAG IT!

    Some Screenshots

    The actual process of tagging files

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    Yogesh Guest

    Download tag2find

    Download tag2find for Windows
    • Version:
    • Size: 2.23 MB
    • The technical preview of tag2find is free.
    • Optional you can download Windows Media Player 9+ for integrated music and video playing.

    Check Requirements

    Windows XP (Home, Professional) or Vista, 32-Bit, NET Runtime 2.0 (can be downloaded by installer), NTFS formatted file system, Administrative rights for installation.

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