Released in 2006 on Xbox 360, Saints Row was simply the first GTA-Like on next generation consoles. Rather nice, although technically tied to the pitch, the game Volition met a wide popular with fans of the genre. Since then, water has flowed under the bridge: a monster named GTA IV is released. Not scared, THQ finally launches Saints Row 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. Mass communication, controversy, Saints Row 2 can really compete with GTA IV?

Saints Row 2 avoids the frontal impact with GTA IV

Welcome to Stillwater! Finally, should we say back in Stillwater. Volition developers have actually retained the same city, but after a few years. Now in the hands of a company called Ultor, Stillwater was substantially enlarged. The playground is now 40% greater than in the first opus, and comparable to Liberty City of GTA IV in terms of area. Thrown into prison to "end" of the first Saints Row, the player is finally a few years later, in jail again and again. The goal is first of all to escape back then the gang of Saints Row, completely decimated during your years behind bars. In essence, the principle remains the same, namely to take control of all areas to establish its supremacy over the city. This war of gangs revolves around a frame Scenarist background where there alternates between the stories of each of the Sons Of Saturday through devious of Ronin. Once the district acquired, you can also check businesses that are continually money. Also, the fabric Scenarist is more pronounced than in the first Saints Row, punctuated by numerous cinematic achievement whose frieze with the carpet.

Yes, we are obviously far from the film-look perfectly reproduced a GTA IV. Taking this aggressive approach angle, it is clear that Saints Row 2 is light years below GTA IV. Starting with its visual identity clearly absent, despite the diversity of neighborhoods. Simplistic textures, modeling rather bland decor, fog, Saints Row 2 is not a work of art! Rather, it shows quickly large technical shortcomings already observed during the previews. The engine of the game, fashioned, accuses many concerns with problems a clipping and fog that hides the horizon. Is still good effects of light at night and in indoor places that have received special care. Without wishing to caricature the situation, Saints Row 2 is similar to GTA: San Andreas high definition. The comparison with the title of Rockstar does not stop the contrary, it seems obvious to many levels. For Saints Row 2 judged solely on its technical deficiencies, and reduced to a pale copy of GTA IV would be a beautiful mistake.

Sold as one of the most important title, personalization actually ranks as a major asset. It's simple, the game offers a total customization never seen in the genre. Before you walk down the streets of Stillwater, the player must devise its own character. Absolutely everything is customizable: nose, size of the mouth, ears and body size, age, style, the possibilities are extremely broad. Your hero of the day is, therefore, completely unique. No doubt most of you fun to create an avatar totally crazy, pink, fat and ugly (we did ...). This dimension also applies to his hideout that can develop at will. Saving 50 000 dollars, reaching the pinnacle of good taste by offering a luxury loft driven by attractive strippers. Fortunately, this part is not limited to this since Saints Row 2 allows a multitude of fantasies. You now have the opportunity to mount tuning in any vehicle in the garage area, to offer a maximum of tattoos, jewelry, foam and clothes shops to make your character as possible fashion. Again, the choice is bloated as the shops are numerous. One can even buy the soundtrack of the game, mostly good songs from the 90s and some recent music (hip-hop, electronica, rock, funk, reggae ,...).

Indicated on the map, the stalls are located in every corner, with varying degrees of usefulness, recognize it. If, for example, bars merely serve as drugs and alcohol, however they contain a small pearl. An arcade game so old school Zombie Revenge on Dreamcast. Awesome. Well, after we must recognize that customization may seem outrageously unnecessary for some. One thinks especially those who prefer a single charismatic figure. Instead of a plot black and serious, Saints Row 2 favors the second degree, fully in the "wii". For it must be said that scenario is rapidly disappearing into the background, a choice apparently deliberate on the part of developers. By opening knowingly throughout the city at the beginning of the game, players do not need to evolve in the main quest to discover new places. It turns naturally to a celebration of debauchery, feeling that we cheerfully remind a certain ... GTA: San Andreas. The pleasure of wandering in the city, finds at the airport to fly in heaven, and complete his walk by a parachute jump. Saints Row 2 offers a real feeling of freedom, especially through the air. It offers a copious menu at the flying machines, the airliner through the mini-helicopter. Smart, the Americans Volition offer everything that GTA IV has failed to give fans of the genre. Starting with vehicles more varied and more importantly, completely fantastic. It does include a few pieces atypical as the mini-motorbike, the UFO, the truck fries, jet-skiing, and the Monster Truck. Too bad that most vehicles tend to suffer from the syndrome "soap" .

Free as air

Unlike Saints Row, the second offers more interior scenes. Including visiting a courthouse, a cave in ghosts or the corners of a casino mafia. Rather especially successful and diverse, these sequences turn often clash in general. And unlike GTA IV, it is impossible to hide behind a wall. No semi-lock either, instead, a viewfinder unclear, leading to fighting together often sickening. Moreover, artificial intelligence enemies, but allies, is not at all convincing. Fortunately, Saints Row 2 introduces a plethora of weapons: sword, tazer, bat, pump gun, rocket launcher, ... even the scenery (like garbage) acts as a lethal weapon. This variety, sometimes even outrageous, applies to all elements of gameplay that Saints Row 2.

And developers have gone even further on the tasks annexes, scattered in all parts of the city. Without being able to count them, they swarm in every corner, so that the player never a dull moment. Among the most hilarious, it is expected to play in a TV series as a cop "ripou." It may also embody the bodyguard of a celebrity and watering houses with excrement a false skeptical. More conventional, we also have many races as well as more conventional missions already in Saints Row or from the GTA series.

It is well known, two is better. Saints Row enthrones for the first time a cooperation. The players are thus catapulted into a party already initiated by the host, without impeding the progress solo. Example: If you manage a mission with a friend who is later in the game, you can zap later in the solo. From what we have seen, the system works rather well, without apparent slowdown. In addition, Volition has introduced specific functionality to the game together. Activities such as combat, or the opportunity to fly to Stillwater two in a helicopter. Jouissif! Unfortunate that these are not specific enough and that it is sometimes difficult to agree fully with his second. Good communication is necessary (microphone headset).


We are convinced that some players will see in Saints Row 2 a pale copy of GTA IV. It must be said that technically, the title of Volition sometimes verges on the unacceptable new generation consoles. But quite frankly, that today has the potential to compete GTA IV? Nobody, except Rockstar with GTA V. To find the quintessence of Saints Row 2, it must go beyond its visual package. It is everything that GTA IV has lost shifted, satirical or even completely disproportionate. Moreover, Saints Row 2 also has serious advantages as the coop mode ', total customization and a plethora of missions annexes delusional. If you have finished GTA IV and you loved San Andreas, Saints Row 2 is for you.

  • The diversity of missions Annexes
  • The side shifted and crazy!
  • Personalization
  • Vehicles original
  • Many shops
  • Also fun than San Andreas
  • A coop mode 'interesting

  • Artistically tasteless
  • Graphically weak for the next generation consoles
  • Bugs and concerns of clipping
  • The clashes too rough
  • The vehicle control
  • The AI allies