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Thread: Motorola MOTO U9 Mobile phone

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    Motorola MOTO U9 Mobile phone

    Model U9 (code name Pico) performed in the style of his predecessor, U6, it has a rounded cabinet, the overall style is a good thing. Can we predict the successful sale of this unit? For now repeats exactly the same situation as in the V3 and U6, are only now the flagship company supports the continuation of the direct line of RAZR, model V8. But while the device match the technical specifications, now RAZR2 V8 has the functionality (memory, screens). How much demand will be music U9, show times, but now we can say that the model is unique in the market for the following: the unit is positioned as the musical has an interesting design, non-standard dimensions to the manufacturer, it stands out against the backdrop of other companies. Similar musical suggestions raskladnom form factor of other companies in the market does not. Therefore, a reasonable pricing policy Moto U9 can be quite successful music product.

    Main specifications Moto U9

    • Networks : GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE class 12
    • Memory : 25 MB available user slot microSD (support up to 4 GB)
    • Screen : 2.0 ", 240x320, 262K colors; 1,45", 128x160, 65K colors
    • Communications : USB2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (supports A2DP)
    • Camera : 2 Mp (up to 1600x1200)
    • Battery : capacity - 900 mAh up to 7 hours talk up to 370 hours standby
    • Dimensions : 90x48.6x16.4 mm
    • Weight : 87.5 g
    • Price : € 260


    As we have said, the phone is made in raskladnom form-factor design model like his predecessor U6, we see the same rounded shape the body, which is very convenient vehicle is at hand, they are pleased to use it. Dimensions of the device is very small, thanks to a fairly large thickness - 16.5 mm. In fact, the thickness ideally suited for use is absolutely no discomfort, comparing the model with a V8 would like to note that the size of new items more common, compared with too broad RAZR2

    Material performance - high quality plastic, glossy on the front surface and dull, soft touch, on the other. Metallic elements of the design of the hull missing in this winning looks all the same V8, but the lack of metal positive impact on the weight machine - only 87 grams, which is not much. The front surface rather mark, a problem is all the devices of its kind, this will not detsya. The panel dark gray, it was mirror, looks very attractive and well contrasted with the dull back and side surfaces. Towards the top and bottom can be seen two symmetrical layout - built-in camera and the company logo. The camera is not above the surface of the body, lens easily scratched or dirty, so that before the shooting, still need to wipe.

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    The external screen is very large for a small model, its size is 1.45 inches, he performed in OLED technology and is capable of displaying up to 65K colors. In a passive state of the display is not visible at all, such a realization is familiar to us on many other models, for example, Nokia 7280, SonyEricsson Z610i and so on. But active through specially selected topics of design and dynamic screen saver comes alive, its borders are not visible from a dark background, in various modes, it appears that the screen shape recalls the arc, charging indicators and the signal in the form of semi-curved. With the active screen savers, depending on the designated theme on a dark background face of the phone is clear blooming flower, then breaks out the flames ... Really beautiful and spectacular, we are confident it will not leave anyone indifferent.

    On the functionality of an external screen, we talk less now note that also on the front panel are color indicators activated Bluetooth-module charging.

    At the upper end of apparatus is a hole for mounting strap, the lower end of an interesting existence microUSB connector plug cover. This type of connector became a standard to apparatuses Motorola, Nokia, accessories will be on sale shortly. Less advocates that cap is not removable, which is often connected with the headset over time it will depart, not tightly closed.

    Controls represented a double-click a volume / select a profile on the left side and button lock external keys / Call your browser. On the right side of the button is activated recorder, voice dialing / management. All the keys comfortable to use, no problem.

    The rear surface, as well as side, made of soft touch plastic, it has no fingerprints, it is practical to use. Toward the bottom is polyphonic speaker, he was in the office only, but also provides good quality and sufficient in most cases the volume. Less favored location, in the pocket of clothing or on the surface of the table sound off. Cover battery cover, unlike the one in the RAZR2 V8, made of plastic, not metal, but it also does not raise any problem - there is no backlash, assembling close to perfect. Clot for MicroSD memory card format under the battery, their hot-swappable impossible, this is a clear negative for a music phone. The card is recorded using a small holder made of rubber.

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    Phone no problem opens with one hand, but the opening mechanism used in Motorola PEBL U6, are absent. Is it less or not, we can not judge, but some of the originality and charm in U9 lost. In the open halves clearly recorded, the angle of disclosure is optimal for the talks.


    The keyboard appear standard for the current generation of devices from Motorola, but differs from that used in the original PEBL U6 or the RAZR V3, it is not done out of sheet metal and plastic. Plastic is not smooth, it has a circular texture, so it is not visible pollution and fingerprints. Convenience is at the middle level, the same V8 has a more comfortable keyboard, the progress of the keys in it more, the response felt better achieved this by increasing the size of the apparatus, larger area of your keyboard. Keyboard layout is similar to V8 and other models, has severed key to start the MP3-player. Backlit keyboard soft greenish color, it clearly visible in all conditions.

    The battery

    Under the rear panel is the battery capacity of 900 mAh, which can provide time for about two days at the average level of use (about 40 minutes, two hours listening to MP3-player, up to an hour with menus and other functions). Result standard for the current generation of phones, it is enough to most users.


    The main screen device has a diagonal of 2.0 inches (physical size 30h40 mm), performed by matrix TFT-technology and the ability to display up to 262 thousand colors. Permission to standard, it 240h320 pixels. At the same time on the screen can accommodate 12 lines of text. The screen has a mirror substrate, through which information on the bright sunlight to be visible. The quality of the display at a height, he is one of the best in its class, the most natural color, saturation, brightness is at a high level. You can complain about is not too large, but the physical dimensions of the device are normal. The brightness of the screen is controlled sensor lighting, situated above a block of Governors of the keys. In the setting of the screen indicates the brightness (6 positions), the time the lights.

    Comparing the screens Motorola U9 and V8, we can say that the quality stay at one level, the distinction rock only the physical dimensions. The angles of view possible, screens left very positive experience in general, traditionally a matrix of Sharp provides better quality. Among the phones that are present in the market, we can not call model, which screens are similar in quality U9, maximum close to it only aids the latest generation of Nokia, Samsung.

    Additional screen is made of OLED technology and can display up to 65 thousand colors. Screen resolution of 128x160 pixels, the information is read in the sun, this is no problem. On the possibilities of the screen, we talk less and now we note simply incredible viewing angles - information visible from all angles, U9 - undoubted leader in this parameter among similar proposals.


    Motorola U9 supports (GSM 850/900/1800/1900), there is support for EDGE (Class 12), the possibility of working in networks of third generation (WCDMA) No, today is the standard limit for devices based on the platform of Linux Java. Wireless communication phone before module Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. Criticized for his work there, of the options Bluetooth is activated (enabled or disabled), a list of paired devices, place the preservation of the files (memory or memory card), the name of the phone and other standard options. There is also an indication included Bluetooth, an LED on the front cover of the phone under the camera module.

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