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Thread: Nokia 7310 Supernova Mobile Phone

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    Nokia 7310 Supernova Mobile Phone

    Nokia 7310 Supernova

    Nokia is after some time and has finally woken up again an attractive model range. Although already announced more mobile phones are not yet available, the 7310 supernova, which from market prices (without a contract) from 132.40 € available, but to Production stage described and presents a style that a few years ago already strong demand. It is the removable top - and bottom shell, say Xpress-on covers. With different colored shells can exchange their mobile phone as an individual look miss (our test model in steel blue with Candy-pink coloured Xpress-On cover, also available in wasabi green). Other colours will follow. But the slim, attractive design, the 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, the FM radio and MP3 player speak for the 7310 supernova. We are curious to see what else it has to offer and it was better under the microscope.


    One of the mark of the 7310 supernova - the mirrored display and keys

    Barely visible gap dimensions - Loud / quiet rule button and Slim - Design

    Provides for a fashionable appearance: coins in the plastic bag

    The new navigation unit and the mirrored optical keybs fit perfectly with the rest of the device

    Battery compartment cover = Xpress On Cover with a perfect seat

    Processing Feature
    1. The first impression of optical / special features to support the design: Modern and with a hint of Elegance presents the 7310 supernova. Interchangeable Covers with 3D models.

    2. Housing material / surface quality: Plastic. Feel comfortable with handy measuring 106.5 x 45.4 x 12mm and low weight of only 83 gr.

    3. Quality of the keys: The keyboard is unfortunately made of plastic. The push of a button convinced but with clearly defined pressure point.

    4. Quality (sharpness / resolution) of the display: 2 inch QVGA display with 16.7 million colours and a resolution of 240x320 pixels, very sharp display, prima contrast.

    5. Implementation of the folding or sliding: --

    6. Quality of the battery cover: Plastic battery cover (Xpress On Cover) with very good fit.

    7. The quality and extent of the supplied accessories: Manual, charger, battery, removable cover, no USB cable, and no software.

    8. Processing Conclusion: Slim Mobile Phone with QVGA display and 16.7 million colors, good keyboard and perfectly fitting battery compartment cover made of plastic. The range of accessories including Xpress On Cover (change shell) is a rather poor. Thus, neither USB data cables or software, and must specifically be acquired.

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    Business Functions

    USB port to connect to the PC (data cable optional)

    Business Features
    1. Supported networks: Triband, GSM: 900, 1800, 1900.

    2. Reception and voice quality: Even with still sufficient network coverage sometimes only satisfactory reception quality. Partial was even no connection. Moreover sounds by minimal noise in the background the language slightly overcast.

    3. Voice quality when the speaker: Good intelligibility with minimal noise, the playback of high frequencies appears covered.

    4. Battery life (with normal use): Max. 3,5 Tage 3.5 days.

    5. Storage facilities contacts: Last name, first name, phone number, add detail: Number, PTT address, email, video, audio, web page, company, position, formal name, nickname, postal address, user name, birthday, notebooks, picture.

    6. Profiles: Generally, Silent, Meeting, Outside, My Profile 1, My profile 2, flight, and all profiles can be adapted.

    7. Calendar options: New entry, week view, to date change, open today; settings: the date and time, standard view: Month view, week view, daily view; week beginning: Saturday, Sunday and Monday; calendar beep posts (never, for one day, after a week, after a month), the task list.

    8. Notes function: New note, delete, edit: time and date paste, delete text, special characters: Smiley or characters, text, all marked; input language: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, accessibility options: on / off ; Input type: Normal, word proposals; detail, note send by Bluetooth or SMS message, 3000 characters per memo - many other mobile phone manufacturers can be an example.

    9. Integrated Voice Recorder (dictaphone): Good and clear reproduction of the recording, without scratching and minimal noise in the background. Start / Stop; host send play all shots (open), storage choice as ringtones, delete, rename, details (name, size, create, format, length, copyright); Sort by name, date, format or size; Search and individual mark, all marked; kind of view: the list with details, list or grid.

    10. E-mail functionality: Create an email accounts. Retrieve emails, with plant (depending on the size displayed).

    11. Internet functionality: Fast easy loading up websites, but sometimes very costly delay in various pages with animated content (pictures, advertising banners, etc.). Good presentation of the relevant pages on the brilliant display.

    12. PC synchronization: The necessary data cable and software are included not included. Usually runs the exchange of data quickly, and complete Outlook Address files are easily synchronized and exchanged. (Contacts, calendar, notes, etc.)

    13. Conclusion: The triband mobile phone with EDGE and Bluetooth has a good voice quality. Voices sound but slightly overcast. The calendar functions and profiles in accordance with the standard equipment of a mobile phone and meaningful points by setting options. Worthy of praise is the memo of 3000 characters per note. Similarly, we can not voice recorder built in the rain and surprised with good sound quality playback. Setting up and to retrieve e-mails is the most difficult and some competitors is the Nokia 7310 supernova to be very simple. The PC synchronization is usually at Nokia Mobile Phones easily and without difficulties.

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    Multimedia features

    2 MP camera

    Headphones in class quality and good sound


    1. Camera equipment: 2 megapixels with 8fachem digital zoom, self-timer: 3.5 or 10 sec; portrait format, brightness, night mode, frame; effects: normal, gray, sepia or negative; WB: automatic, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent light, horizon; image quality: good Normally, simple; size of the image: 1200x1600, 1024x1280, 960x1280, 480x640, 240x320, 120x160; preview period: no preview, 3,5,10 sec or manually halted; camera noise: On / Off; Standard Title: My automatically or title; Memory choice: phone memory, memory card or other folders (photos on the TV watch - TV cable optional).

    2. Camera quality: Right good results for a 2 MP camera in bright light and normal lighting conditions. In the darkness, the supernova not scored since neither light nor night photo mode available.

    3. Video camera equipment: Playback of 3GPP and MPEG4 formats; length of the video clip: Standart maximum; video quality: good, normal, easy video Resolution: 176x144, 128x96; microphone; brightness, portrait, effects and WB as camera settings.

    4. Video quality: In general, fairly good results depending on the desired clip default. For faster movements are visible light cloud pixels, but with a steady hand for little. No video exists and therefore light in the dark and / or in low light very strong quality restrictions and therefore no results.

    5. Facilities of the built-in music player: Format: Midi, MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA, forward, rewind, pause, stop, music menu: All titles, title lists, artists, albums, genres, videos, to add title; settings: Shuffle: /; Repeat: current title of all titles; equaliser: normal, pop, rock, jazz, classical, Group 1, Group 2; music player desktop standard, Blue moon; downloads, sound, playing via Bluetooth

    6. Sound quality of the music player: About quality can certainly be in this MP3 player. The sound is - without exaggeration - a delight for the ear, especially when you have price compares class counterparts. Using the built-in EQ can be quite effective adjustments. When using the Headphones as well as the use of the built-in, clearly playing over loudspeakers the 7310 supernova positive.

    7. Radio yes / no, sound quality radio: Off Save, the transmitter (station list), all broadcasters are looking for, frequency, settings: RDS to / from, automatic. Frequency, loudspeakers, Mono/Stereo edition, radio theme: Standard, Blue Moon; depending on the orientation the antenna, rather noise playback.

    8. Further facilities: PTT function, download (content search, purchase and download), Opera Mini (Google), search, calculator, world time, WidSets (information), Yahoo! Go, 4 entertaining games (backgammon, Seasweeper, Snake 3, Sudoku).

    9. Storage capacity: 32 MB of internal data for users; expandable up to 4 GB with micro-SD memory cards. In the test: San Disk 1, 2 and 4 GB. All tickets were easily imported from the supernova.

    10. Conclusion: Very good camera and video equipment with excellent results. Similarly, the ease of use of radio and MP3 player, with great results scored. For the entertainment, thanks to the 4 varied games. The storage capacity is only 32MB internally. This can be done with a Micro SD memory card to be upgraded to 4GB.

    Total Conclusion

    Nokia 7310 Supernova Mobile Phone Snaps

    The Nokia 7310 supernova like with excellent, stable processing and richer, more sophisticated equipment. The everyday life and business functions such as contact management, profiles, notes and calendar are special praise. In addition, the first 2-megapixel camera, which provides a good performance. MP3 player and radio convince also by clear sound and sensible, practical options. The display 16.7 million colors, this brilliant and sharp dar. The purchase price of the mobile phone is elegant in the light of the performance potential quite favourable. Total earned the 7310 supernova is a clear buy recommendation.

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