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    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is a web browser project by Google. It was leaked yesterday, and Google held a press conference to announce the launch of Chrome. With Chrome, Google hopes to bring the best of various browsers and code, like Firefox and WebKit (WebKit is used by Safari too).

    Chrome has a remarkably minimalist interface. There is no full-scale menu bar and no title bar--and few distractions. All controls are buried beneath two icons to the right of the Omnibar (as Google refers to its address bar): a page icon for managing tabs and using Google Gears to create application-like shortcuts from your desktop to a Web site; and a wrench for history, downloads, and other browser options.

    Google may well have been forced into a damage control mode, as the first bit of news that we knew was Chrome’s information being leaked. Furthermore, Linux and Mac versions have not been launched - that leaves a large number of Google fans displeased.

    It doesn't feel very different from Firefox 3. Chrome might be a little faster, but it's hard to tell on a fast computer. Also, my Google Chrome does not have any plug-ins installed right now. It's not like Firefox 3 is a horrible piece of junk that crashes every 10 minutes.

    There’s one highlight that we would like to point to: Chrome can consume considerably less memory than Firefox 3. In our tests. This means that Chrome might be more suitable for Nettops than Firefox, and this might be the most obvious benefit of Google’s software architecture for Chrome.

    Doing CNTRL F for find works well, like that it highlights all items on page, then moves through them. Is this same in safari. Bah I need to download and install Safari to compare.

    I was resisting Safari as I didn't like apple forcing it in my updater. Silly reason, but still.

    Interesting. The 'chrome' in Vista looks so much better then xp. Its blue in xp, and Vista is black/grey. Just looks better.

    Don't bother trying to open xml or RSS with the browser yet. Just junk.

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    Google chrome is nice Browser, just like Firefox.

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    About Speed ,the JavaScript virtual machine was considered a sufficiently important project to be split off (as was Adobe/Mozilla's Tamarin) and handled by a separate team in Denmark. Existing implementations were designed "for small programs, where the performance and interactivity of the system weren't that important," but web applications such as Gmail "are using the web browser to the fullest when it comes to DOM manipulations and Javascript." The resulting V8 JavaScript engine has features such as hidden class transitions, dynamic code generation, and precise garbage collection. Tests by Google show that V8 is about twice as fast as Firefox 3 and the Safari 4 beta.

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    One drawback that it has is to manage the Bookmarks. Google is supplying toolbar with bookmark facility to access on any computer with a compatible mode which is not available in chrome its very strange that they didn't made supply of there own toolbar to their own browser.

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    Hey guys, I read some Google Chrome Features and I think Google has combined the IE7, Firefox, and maybe many other browser features and created Chrome.

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