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Thread: Call of Duty - World At War

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    Call of Duty - World At War

    Genre : Action
    Play modes : Solo Internet LAN
    Developer : Treyarch
    Publisher : Activision
    Distributor : Activision
    French Exit : 2008
    US Exit : 2008

    When the intensity comes from the script

    Still very popular with fans flags online Call of Duty 4 was at one time or another make way for his successor. If nothing said that the arrival of fifth opus relegates production Infinity Ward the cupboard, fans of the series rightly expect the heir to the blockbuster of last year with a curiosity matinee apprehension. And we understand that developers Treyarch, already responsible for Call of Duty 3, have decided to revert to the original context of the series, namely the Second World War. A regression argue some, but developers want to be reassuring: it will be a new vision of the conflict, located in the heart of the Pacific. A bit like Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun quoi...


    The presentation orchestrated by members of Treyarch present for the occasion began with a few remarks. Among them, an ad size: Call of Duty to come will no longer be numbered but will become a sub-heading, and the fifth opus shows an example. Call of Duty: World At War, because his name, has benefited from two years of development, double the third episode, argument trumpeted by Treyarch to give the player some reasons for hope. A campaign that does not align situations, a little more complexity in environments proposed freedom of action that is not sacrificed on the altar of spectacle or a scenario finally mature.

    Attention, the Japanese are cruel and shouting Hurrraaaayyy! It's scary.

    On this last point, the first mission presented did not really reassured. In the shoes of an American soldier prisoner of the Japanese troops should be first to go through a scene of summary executions particularly savage before launching the assault on a beach in the company of reinforcements intervened to us out of trouble . A formal brutal situation which, if it fits well in an action game, deserves still a hint of subtlety in terms of historical context exploited. In short, we hope that an introduction to the corridors of these clashes before the start of the game in its final version and that developers will finally decide to deal with this terrible conflict other than as a mere pretext.

    The first environment is visually very pleasant

    The irritation overcome, we can dwell on the realization of this first environment. Based on the graphic engine of Call of Duty IV, the World At War honors his senior by posting a reported overall good bill. A tranquil water striped light, flames spitting particles, a sandy beach covered by shadows that projects the light of the moon: the scene of the first battle we seduced. Likewise, the city devastated by bombs, only environment presented on the Russian side of the campaign, particularly in providing details and other effects of particulate offered a playground of more credible. These include the single level presented in terms of multiplayer whose aridity visual sharply contrasted sharply with the abundance of graphic effects of the first mission. Similarly, it still expects the series Call of Duty it finally decides to raise the level of interactivity of its surroundings. Without being completely frozen, sets noticed missing still life, blamed a physics engine that promises to be once more fairly lazy. We are nevertheless remained in a good overall impression and let us not forget that this was a far from being finalized. It can therefore suspect Treyarch for putting the package on the first level and a little less for more ...

    PC Two catches from the PC version

    Modem Warfare Modem Warfare

    Again, we must not expect major changesIf we can not obviously not a decision we firmly on the mechanical game as a whole, the impression given by the demonstration that we have seen has been rather tepid. From Call Of Duty pure juice: corridors, checkpoints and confrontations scripted constitute the bulk of phases unveiled Thursday. It should be noted, however, a staging remains turbulent trademark of the series. The ambushes should be commonplace since the developers were keen to emphasize the strategy used at the time by the Japanese forces. We were promised and a specific behavior for the latter supported by a legacy of Artificial Intelligence Call of Duty IV and reworked for the occasion. The Japanese soldiers should not hesitate to sacrifice for victory by multiplying the same tension clashes. An innovation still promise that we therefore expect the realization joystick in hand. But Call of Duty: World At War should not stop at this recipe and chewed remake. The developers have indeed provided some have implemented changes such as those introduced in the fourth opus. We find a sequence shooting perched on a turret air during which it will flow of Japanese vessels. It is worth noting that the flamer should take a leading role to flush tarries soldiers in their bunkers and other underground plaques.

    The flame-throwers should be a key weapon in this series

    Asked multiplayer developers Treyarch seem not to have taken the legacy of the fourth episode lightly. World At War will offer the opportunity to cooperate to four players throughout the campaign whatsoever offline, split screen or online. A mode called a body and cry by the owners of Modern Warfare, and they can finally enjoy with this fifth dimension. This cooperative mode will also account the grade earned by players in multiplayer classic (deathmatch, etc.). And balance the challenge proposed strengthening the enemy troops. So much for the moment everything that Treyarch and Activision have kindly announced their title. Nothing has filtered by the clashes in line and we do not always know if we will find all the great ideas introduced by his grandfather. One can only hope ...


    First meeting mixed with the title of Treyarch. Call of Duty: World At War should ensure as planned without too essential to depart from the specifications of the series. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the promises made during this presentation, including on Artificial Intelligence, to be implemented and that the title gets a scenario smart enough to make us forget the horrible slump ideological Opus precedent. Finally, to cross our fingers for a return to the multiplayer arrivals in addition to a cooperative mode that is expected at the turn.

    Minimum Specifications for Call of Duty : World at War -
    AMD 64 3200+ / Intel P4 3Ghz, 512MB XP/ 1GB Vista, 8GB, and nVidia 6600GT / ATI Radeon 1600XT or better and 256MB ram.

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    I can't wait. they said in an interview it'll be based on the same engine as CoD4 and it'll have online Wii play!

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    It is true that there are already many games based on World War II, but this generation of consoles (PS3 and 360) programmers still have much to show in this context. But it worries me is that those responsible are not infinity ward, to expect…

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    Re: Call of Duty - World At War

    It has voices of luxury .. that sentence gives me the market for video games at this time, before what was valued was the gameplay, originality and coupling that will produce the games are of the genre ... now they are just watching the graphic, but graphic among more Well, that is a lie ... and on top now with voices of luxury! I buy what I like not having the voices XD

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    Re: Call of Duty - World At War

    Amazing !! they tried to make a more serious game, including real war footage in it and all, and then made that horrendous trailer for it, effectively defecating over the whole effort, and the homage payed to those in the war.

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    Re: Call of Duty - World At War

    Cod5 is good. i like the theory but i still think that call of duty is the best

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