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    Bayonetta Preview

    Hello everyone.

    I am now going to provide you all the details of my latest project, BAYONETTA. BAYONETTA is a world-class 3D action game for the world at large, the summation of all of our technology and know-how at PlatinumGames.

    Bayonetta is a stylish and cinematic action game, directed by Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya. Bayonetta pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat that takes place in stages that are a veritable theme park of exciting attractions.

    Comparisons between the character of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry's Dante are inevitable. For starters, both were created by Clover Studio veteran Hideki Kamiya. Both are the stars of fast-paced action shooters with distinct visual styles. Both use dual pistols and fast-paced melee attacks to take out endless waves of enemies. But only one can beat up people with their hair.

    For those who aren't familiar, Bayonetta is the eponymous heroine of a new title from Platinum Games. The studio was established by former Clover developers including Kamiya, who also worked on the original Viewtiful Joe and Okami. In other words, he's got experience creating games with a unique look and feel. Judging by the demo we're being shown, Bayonetta will be no exception.

    First our main character, Bayonetta is a witch. She's a witch in head-to-toe skintight leather with a very tiny waist. She also sports naughty secretary glasses and a long, glossy ponytail that will come in handy later. Leather glows with magical sparkles when she moves around, or does anything like "jumping." In fact, when she jumps a colorful haze appears around Bayonetta, takes the form of a magical butterfly, and helps her glide where she wishes. But remember, at her heart - she's a witch.

    In defeating the many evil things populating this level, she gathers Halos, which then allow her to beef up her abilities. And, her abilities are really where it's at .... so that's what she does! All dressed in leather and leaving guess its beautiful forms; our killer knows his captivating world. A gracious approach, while acrobatics and a superhuman flexibility already imposed Bayonetta as a credible rival to Dante. Bayonetta fights with (among other weapons) guns, which are held in each hand and strapped to each ankle. This creates a fantastic effect whenever she performs any kind of gymnastics, as she maintains fire with ALL available weapons. If she's in a handstand, she's firing with her feet. If she's performing a cartwheel, she's firing with a sequence of guns, defined by whatever's not supporting her weight. Well then ... so far we've certainly upheld the monicker of 'style-action'!

    Beside from normal melee attacks and firing her dual pistols, she can also summon things to help her dispatch enemies. She's able to conjure up gigantic fists and feet, mid-combo, to perform a powerful attack that sends those evil jerks reeling. Also, she has the very cool ability to summon specific instruments as fatalities.

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    The last point of focus is that Bayonetta is probably using her most potent weapon ... her hair. Interdimensional witches apparently have an empowered coif that can create and reach into dimensional portals, drawing forth all SORTS of useful things. Yes, Bayonetta's hair can reach into an alternate reality and pull out a rack, then grab an enemy and stuff him into said rack to suffer for a quick stint while you take on other enemies. She do can also become empowered by its portal-formation, and we saw a variety of attacks where a giant fist formed of hair appeared from the hair-portal and punched or smashed enemies on the screen. Hair kicks are also fair game, and many a foot-based hair attack leveled an angelic beastie for rapid halo-harvesting.

    At the end, Bayonetta faced off against a giant foe. As she whittled him down, his armor deteriorated (which is a visual health indicator) until she was eventually ready to finish him off. At this point, her hair began to whip about her head in a black cloud of "uh oh" until it formed an especially big dimensional portal. It then ducked inside, and reappeared a moment later in the form of a giant dragon's head! As you may guess, the dragon chomped down on the level boss and shook him like a terrier.

    Without having the opportunity, it's hard to tell how different the game will feel to play. But there are already plenty of distinguishing features. A heroine sexier than Dante could ever hope to be, and who has double the firepower. Some highly inventive finishing moves, musical instruments that double as pump-action shotguns, boss battles that revolve around hair-based combat, etc. So while the comparisons with Devil May Cry will inevitably continue, there's much to make Bayonetta worth of interest.


    Platform : PS3 / XBOX360
    Publisher : Sega
    Developer : Platinum Games
    Genre : Action / Baston
    Type : Suitable Solo
    Release Date xbox360 : 2009

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