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MattyBoy 19-06-2008 02:29 PM : a new identity for Yahoo Mail
Competiting Google in the field of search engines, overtaken by Microsoft on the social networks, Yahoo keeps at least one area of satisfaction: the mailbox. According to the latest rankings comScore, the group Jerry Yang remains in effect leader in this segment with 266 million unique visitors last April for its Yahoo Mail service against 263 million for Microsoft and 101 million for Google.

In order to retain its users and win new ones, the group decided to increase innovations. After entering the unlimited storage, compatibility with Windows Live Messenger or adopted a new interface to Ajax, Yahoo Mail will begin Friday a new domain name:

"The choice of an e-mail is crucial in the eyes of users who abandon their approach of creating an e-mail account when they do not address it suits them. There are more e-mail address to extension as nicolas.dupont4554 @ xxx. With, the user selects the digital identity that better reflects the personality among his personal networks as professionals." Said Stephane Bismuth, director of products and services.

A new identity that is reminiscent of the Google's Gmail service, but in any case should revive interest in Yahoo, which remains, despite competition from Google or Microsoft, the first global web destination with nearly 510 million visitors every single month.

Reegan 19-06-2008 02:30 PM

webmail ajax Yahoo is poorly conceived, poorly planned, and contrary to what was said at its launch there are more than a year this version does not seem to have moved an inch.
Let us hope that the domain name (ymail / gmail ... everything is said!) Will be only the beginning of a real upgrade.

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