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Tahseen Shahzad 27-05-2008 11:30 PM

How to open Windows Mixer?
I want to record sme old vinyl records using a USB turntable and software called Cakewalk Pyro. It usually works fine but some records top out too loud. Actually, I can adjust the recording volume using Windows Mixer. If I click on "Open Windows Mixer" from within Pyro and I get the message "There is a problem with your sound hardware. To install mixer devices go to Control Panels, click Printers and Other Hardware and click Add Hardware." Because I dont want to add any new hardware and only open Windows Mixer, I dont know what to do? Can anyone please help. Thanks.

Russell 27-05-2008 11:43 PM

Re: How to open Windows Mixer?
Take out your XP CD and then put it into your player but dont let it start up. After that go to Start > Run > type in msconfig and then Enter > Click on Expand File > Restore from > Browse to sndvol32.exe on the XP CD. After that Restore it to c:\windows\system32 overwriting the file if necessary. Check if this works now.

Tahseen Shahzad 28-05-2008 01:16 AM

Re: How to open Windows Mixer?
I found Windows Mixer in Windows System32 folder and I went to Properties and then in "Adjust volume for" clicked the Recording button. Somebody told there should be a Line in box there to check. I have only MIDI Synth, S/PDIF-In, CD Digital, Analog Mix, Microphone and Wave. Also in Device Manager there is a yellow question mark beside "Other devices" and under that, a yellow question mark with a yellow circle and black exclamation point on top of it for Multimedia Audio Controller. Any ideas?

Tomthegreat 28-05-2008 01:29 AM

I have normally used Windows Media Player for recording albums from my vey old amp line output to computer. The cord has 2 RCA jacks to the small one that fits portable CD players and your computer input. It is the only experience I have on this.

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