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Judy B 02-03-2008 06:21 PM

Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
I am shocked to find a constant music on my speaker. There were no applications on the screen. I had visited some site yesterday to download free wallpapers and screensavers. It looks there is a virus which was also downloaded. The music is totally coming from something hidden in the system. I have to turn off my speaker to shut the sound down. I tried to remove some programs which I had downloaded, but still the sound is active. How to delete that thing completely. I need more information on this virus, what it can affect more to my computer. Also please provide me a good antivirus or antispyware program that can I use to stop this. Thanks.

LeonL 02-03-2008 07:10 PM

There are tons of tiny prank application that are used to annoy people. My friend did the same to me. He installed a small application that sound like snoring when the computer is idle. I think some did the same on your system also. There must be some app that is working and making the sound. You can checkout the same in Startup programs as mostly apps load from there. Go to Start > Programs > Startup. If there is anything in that right click and delete it. If it is empty then click on Start > Run and then type msconfig. Go Startup tab in it. You can find a number of applications which are configured to start on load. My uncle faced the same issue due to unwanted popups. There are audio smileys which load automatically and make sounds. Check the system tray, is there a notification icon loaded showing up any alien app.

Judy B 03-03-2008 03:43 PM

The audio only stop when I turn off the speaker or mute the sound. But it is played constantly in the backside. I am sure there is some software in my pc which is doing that. But I am not able to locate that. Is there any app that can make a pc to play files automatically. I tried to login in a different account, but the issue is same. If the app is configured on my account then it must work only on my account. I have a Norton antivirus. But it found nothing while scanning. One more thing I want to tell that the sound does not load in safe mode. The sound appears in between in normal mode in a gap of 30 mins something. Please help me to find the issue behind this.

SMichael 04-03-2008 07:56 PM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
Did you find something in Task Manager. Hit Ctrl + Alt + Del from your keyboard. Go in Processes. Did you see any application working there. You can download Process Explorer. This tool will tell you about running process in your computer. You can try one by one terminating each of them to find which of them is making sound. The tool also offer you to find the process tree. This tree will tell you information about the service associated with that app.

SMichael 09-03-2008 10:50 AM

My process is bit complicated but works. It offers you option to deal with virus and spyware. For that you will need to download one utility called as multi_av.exe. Download the same and unzip the file under C:\AV-CLS. You can find a StartMenu.bat file in that. Double click on that to run. If you receive any notification from your security software or firewall unlock it. Now once the program loads, choose Normal Mode and then you can find a number of items here. This utility allows you to scan your system with multiple antivirus support. It will scan through different virus definition to catch the virus in your computer. Scan both in safe and normal mode to get proper support.

CouldBeAnyone 13-03-2009 09:07 PM

My pc makes a ping sound at a time interval. At first it looks like the system sound of windows but it appears anytime. I had checked many applications and even killed many processes. But still the sound was active. I had used Process Explorer to find the sound virus. The time interval in my pc is 10 minutes. I cannot locate the software in process explorer which is responsible for the issue. After reading a number of article based on this sound virus. One of the mentioned solution was to clear the temp folder. I did the same. Removed IE and other software that were no needed. To some extent it look the sound stopped but still it exist. The virus is not easy to locate. After clearing the temporary folder and wiping out files from Recycle bin things went back to normal. It is not giving any issue rightnow. So it looks there can be some file hidden inside temp or in Windows recycle bin. To play sound Windows need some application like Media Player. It cannot do the same on its own. It is a bit weird to find that there are such virus which can do this.

Bast 16-06-2009 08:02 AM

I am too facing the same issue. But this is not related to music. It is some ads that plays whenever I am online. It appears in the gap of every 5 minutes constantly. Also when I am not surfing, playing games or watching movies, the same sound appear. It looks there is some application in the computer which is making this kind of sound. I had checked in Task Manager, but still there is nothing mentioned. The system tray does not has any application associated with the same. My default web browser is Internet Explorer. One thing that I had noticed, is the music only appears when I am surfing through IE. I had wiped out the temp files and also checked in Startup and msconfig. There is nothing listed over there. In task manager after terminating the process iexplorer.exe the music does not appear. But that kills Internet Explorer also. Switched to Google chrome now and the music does not appear back again. It looks there is some virus which is associated with IE playing the sound from background. Hope the updates can fix this.

Toby-Martin 16-06-2009 04:07 PM

This is not a virus. It is some internal utility. The below link of Microsoft provides you clear information on the same. When I launch IE, then only the sound appears while it is off. It looks some popup or site is having any audio material which plays automatically. I had seen a number of different popups also with light music. It can be mysterious to many, but it is not a virus. Some themes also modifies windows system sounds. And when you are working there are number of audio files associated. So that can produce the same. Also if you are visiting flash website then audio sound are common on them. If you still has a doubt you can download and install a antimalware in your system. You can scan to find whether it is a virus or not. Check the below link for more info.

Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music

Abdulmajid 17-06-2009 04:53 AM

There are two powerful tools that can do the job. The first is SuperAntiSpyware and the second one is MalwareBytes. You can try them to find malware in your system. A audio virus is very rare because it is needs complex programming to contact the system hardware and play music. Also this virus are not too risky in my views. Hijackthis is a tool which can provide you a log report of all running application in your computer. You can use this tool to find the linked application. It will give you a list of all working software in the computer and it is one which is recommended mostly.

frogger 11-03-2010 08:16 AM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
I don't know what the fix is but if you let it least in my case it corrupts portions of your hard drive. I can no longer login at all. Windows attempts to load but stops and you never get to the user logon screen at all just a blank blue or black screen. I haven't been able to obtain a cd of windows xp home edition without just buying a new disk if anyone knows where I can download XP to repair my system please help or if you know of another option to regain control.

jh55f 25-05-2010 05:37 PM

Something in my computer is more irritating. There is sound when I open any folder. Its a very different tune which sounds like a small melody file. It works on the start and then continue for few minutes. Then it is gone after sometime and does not run back. I do not have music files in my computer and I barley play audio. The tune loads on startup mostly. I had checked the in startup and msconfig but there is no utility related to that is listed on the same. It can be due to some new theme file.

emnetik 05-08-2010 07:06 AM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
If you still have problems with music playing out of iexplore.exe i can provide you temporary solution. It doesnt fix the thing but music wont play any more and you wouldnt be able to use internet explorer. I had this problem with music virus and because im using chrome i wanted to uninstall internet explorer but i couldnt because of vista. I found temporary solution by not allowing iexplore.exe to run at all. Ill try to find complete solution later as i dont have time now.
Reply and ill tell U how to do it...

zebra-man 05-08-2010 08:08 PM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
holly crap this virus is anoying! ive had it for about a week now and its driving me nuts. i deleted firefox for some reason and then decided to update it but everytime it downloaded it said the file was corrupt, so i started surfing using IE but this music was still there, i swtiched to chrome but the musi still keeps on coming at me. none of the virus scans are getting it, so im not too sure what to do. anybody tried using some spyware stuff or something? ive read from other people that they just wiped their HD and installed everything again...

Happy_To_Help 05-08-2010 11:41 PM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!

Originally Posted by zebra-man (Post 5026580)
? ive read from other people that they just wiped their HD and installed everything again...

Yes, if any of the antivirus program is unable to detect it than there is no other option rather than formatting the hard drive. BTW, what kind of music you are getting ? I meant, is it like any beep sound or music from your MP3 collection or else. This might some another problem as well.

Alenz 09-09-2010 01:33 AM

Re: Mysterious Virus Playing Music on My PC!
I am facing issue with Windows Server 2008. For many years I am already deal with DEP issue in it. The issue that I had faced was related to APEX. I am not sure about any virus, but I had disable all the sounds in my system. When I start any browser and open a page there is a music played in the background. It looks that the malicious application installed is playing the sound through internet. Even when I disconnect internet and start some new apps the sound is loaded. So it looks the music is already downloaded in the computer and it is still playing the sound. The internal antivirus does not detect the same threat. I am finding trouble the locate the virus in the computer. If this is a virus then it can create a major issue in the computer I think.

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