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Meng R 17-01-2008 11:53 PM

External driver for Maxtor 3200
I am using a Windows XP pc. I had just purchased a external hard drive. It is Maxtor 3200. When I trying to use it with Windows XP there is no issue with connectivity and with transferring data. It works really well. I have to copy some data from a Windows 98 PC. When I connect it to the old system it is not detecting it. There is nothing on the screen. It looks the old pc is not having any drivers for it.

SMichael 21-03-2013 01:31 PM

Re: External driver for Maxtor 3200
Try using Windows Update. It will be far more helpful. It is the best way to fix drivers issue. When you connect the drive, use Windows Update to locate drivers for it. If this does not work then there is nothing you can do. The hardware will not be detected. You have to hook the pc on lan and then use the same to transfer data from old pc to new.

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