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Spykar 25-11-2007 08:41 PM

Hp scanner won't work on vista
I have an HP photosmart C5280 printer which prints the documents properly in Windows XP, but when tried in Vista it gives me an error called "hpqsnvw has stopped working". I dont think that it is a software problem as it works fine in XP, so why in this Vista OS it is not working? Even the scanner is emmiting error saying that saying error occurred communicating with scanning device. I would appreciate any help here. Thank you

Kooldinesh 25-11-2007 08:47 PM

I would recommend you to uninstall any software that came in the cd/dvd driver for the printer and then directly go to HP website and install the drivers. I have found a page where they have the updated driver for the HP Photosmart C5280 and which also works on vista. Go to the below link and choose Windows Vista and click on next, you will come accross many softwares listed below on the same page:

Spykar 26-11-2007 01:00 AM

I tried the above link but that didnt work. But after some research I was able to find the root cause of this problem. I was having a Wacom tablet with me which was actually conflicting with the twain driver which i noticed. So what i did was, i uninstalled the Wacom tablet software from my pc and now the scan from the printer started to work. So, if anyone who is facing similar problem can try this method and solve it.

Raine 21-01-2008 12:16 PM

Thanks 'RoninBlade' for this wonderful solution. Its sad that HP people dont have a clue for this issue which is recitified here. However, I had already sent this information to HP support team so that you can update it in their Question and Answer section. But one thing which is really bothering me is that, what if we want to use the Wacom tablet again, do we again have to go through all the uninstallation and reinstallation procedure so that both devices work properly, as it really is a pain for circling around for using different devices.

phones 09-09-2008 12:55 AM

Well, once you have uninstalled the Wacom Tablet drivers from your computer you can eaily get it back without any additional driver or so I think. You should first start up your computer and then turn on the tablet. After that just plug in the tablet in your computer and a windows will pop-up saying that if you want to install the drivers for the wacom, just confirm it and your wacom tablet driver will get installed in your computer. Hope that helps.

Laurie-B 04-12-2011 11:02 AM

I have Windows Vista Ultimate, a Wacom tablet disconnected, an HP Officejet Pro L7680

I can't believe I've been searching the internet and beating my head against a rock for 4 days trying to get my HP Officejet Pro L7680 to work again. I too have a Wacom tablet. Looking back, I guess the last time the scanning software worked was before I installed the tablet on this PC. Up until that time it worked and scanned just fine. I've had no reason to use the scanner until now and didn't realize the problem.

I'm unclear about the solution though. My tablet is not attached and after my last (the 5th) uninstall/install of the latest HP software and a reboot, Windows reported the Wacom driver 'disabled' when the PC came up. The scanner still won't save files to disk and when I use the HP diagnostic I downloaded, it always hangs on the Twain test.

Is there anything I can do besides uninstall the tablet? Has anyone been successful getting both installed and working at the same time?

Pending answers, I'm off to 1) download and try new Wacom drivers, 2) scan to a flash drive if it will work and 3) uninstall the Wacom, get my scanning done and reinstall the tablet. WHAT A PAIN!

Thanks to all who post here. At least I know I wasn't crazy to start, this is just driving me there fast.

Hello, I modified my post after realizing that it would benefit from added detail. Please post the changes.

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