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ricki lambert 29-07-2007 07:30 PM

your user profile was not loaded correctly
Hey peeps, really need some help. I was using vista half an hour ago with no
problems, my account was fine, loaded as per usual (i was using the laptop
outside in public). As i have got in i have turned on and tried to log on to
the system. It took ages to load, saying, after i typed in my password;

"preparing desktop"

it did this for a while then loaded the settigns for outlook express,
internet explorer and so on (as if it was booting for the first time) and
then loads a desktop as if it were the first time it had loaded, i then get a
message at the bottom saying;

"your user profile was not loaded correctly

you have been logged on with a temporary profile. changes that you make to
this profile will be lost when you log off. please see the event log for
details or contact your administrator"

how annoying, all my programemes i have added to the laptop are still on it,
but not coming up on startup or anything, and all written documents from the
documents folder seem to have been deleted (some of thesed have not been
backed up either :s)?

this is a really big problrm and would appreciate the help. Thanks guys, im
trusting you got my back on this one!

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