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MSFT 08-07-2007 10:30 PM

PCMCIA Cards being ID'd as MDT-0002
I am having a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop with me. In Device Manager there are number of PCMCIA cards listed. But they are not installed properly. They are all available in it. I am using a Windows XP Pro SP2 system here. And on the laptop I am also having Orinoco Silver wifi card. I found that my system is identifying the same as MDT-0002. I am trying to use a ethernet card also but the same issue appear. Whatever PCMCIA card I am trying use is detected as some MDT-0000. When I called Dell about the problem they told that the motherboard is not working well.

Diggs 21-03-2013 04:04 PM

Re: PCMCIA Cards being ID'd as MDT-0002
Are you sure you are getting that problem with all PCMIA card. It is necessary that you check the same in some other laptop also. There can be issue with the card also. Just test that in other working laptop and see what output you are getting. Most of the time it can be a hardware problem. Try updating the drivers first. Hope that can fix the issue.

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