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Charlie R 13-05-2007 11:06 PM

Print Spooler Service will not run
Recently after Windows installed some security update sin my system I lost my printer. The printer was installed and working fine. But when the updates are applied upon reboot I cannot print. Print simply failed to work. I tried to install the printer back again from scratch but still it is not working. I am getting a error message on the screen saying that the operation cannot be completed. Printer spooler service is not running. Here I did everything. I updated the drivers and changed the connectivity port also. But still nothing worked.

Han$naH 14-05-2007 10:22 PM

Re: Print Spooler Service will not run
The issue lies with printer spooler service. It looks the update has somehow disabled it. Go in Start and click on Run. In the run box type cmd. In that type net start printer spooler and hit enter. Wait for sometime. Once the service is started just give a test print. Somehow this service is turned off due to which you are facing problem. The problem here does not lies with the printer settings.

Fatmeer 25-05-2007 10:25 PM

You can check the same thing under services. Go in control panel and look fo administrative tools. In that look for services and then search for printer spooler. Rightclick on the same and then choose properties. In that ensure that the printer spooler is configured on automatic instead of manual. For the time being you can start the service. That's all. Reboot your pc and open task manager by pressing ctrl + alt + del. Go in processes and check whether spoolsv.exe is working or not.

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