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MSFT 28-03-2007 05:29 AM

MPEG-2 Explorer Thumbnails
I am using a DVBT Card for my Digital TV. I am watching all the channels on Windows XP system. When I record the videos it creates a mpeg2 file format. I am having a huge collection of videos. And all of them are in mpeg2 format. I am facing problem with thumbnails here. When I open explorer there is nothing visible. The thumbnails does not appear at all. Due to which I cannot choose or find out which video is what. I am unable to understand why it is not able to generate thumbnails here.

Dharitree 20-03-2013 04:17 PM

Re: MPEG-2 Explorer Thumbnails
Depending on the file Windows generate thumbnail. If there is any problem with the operating system, then it will not be able to create thumbnails at all. You will have to check the format is whether supported or not. I think windows can easily read the .avi files compare to other formats. You can use a nice video converter to create avi files.

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