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SaN-DeeP 07-02-2004 12:09 AM

We are thinking about those few important addons to TechArena.

Hardware Pricing System.
Adding latest Hardware Prices (ONLY HARDWARE FROM INDIA, selected cities for start).. We will have a few selected sellers/Hardware Dealers from whom we will get the Lowest Hardware Rates. and we can think about selling them directly via these dealers :)
Its a great Start for new users, who spend lots of time on selecting hardware for there new machines or buying new hardware parts. In many cases, are fooled around by STUPID Sellers..
We also have our forums in place, so that users can post what they want exactly.
TroubleShooting, etc. can be done too. within the community..
Best Idea to help Indian Users.. and expanding our Indian Commnunity

Not a big thing.. but would certainly love to hear from people, both positive and negative affects if any about these.

Its just a thought..
Need inputs from everyone here possibly.. so we can think about adding those 2 features :)
We are an Open Community please feel free to share your views.


rock_ya_baby 07-02-2004 12:29 AM

Hello saN,

The hardware pricing list would be really great feature...especially when you include the prices from all over India... like Mask can get latest/lowest prices for various items from his place (mysore), Darky can get them from (pune) and so on...

Well, for the IRC chatting system.. I think it is still too early for that, i mean you see how many ppl are there online at a given time... 5-10 :no:

askids 07-02-2004 12:38 AM

i'll say add only hardware pricing and not irc chat.
we have enough fun posting on the forum.
for private stuff, we have pm.

prashantrana 07-02-2004 12:50 AM

only prob i think with IRC will be that who will stay online for such long times. hardware pricing is a good idea as we will have the market prices and not like digit (even chip has joined them) giving fudged prices.

SaN-DeeP 07-02-2004 08:46 PM

Seems, liike people are interested in the Hardware Pricing System.. :)
Good to see that.

As far as chat goes, i will think abt it.
coz, there are many users who do not wnat tht :)

avi_avadhut 18-02-2004 03:28 PM

hey i think hardware pricing is the best idea.
about chatt, bit difficult but good idea.
and about getting chep price and purchasing goods with same rate is diffrent.
i hope u r understaing what i am saying.
what if anything is cheap in delhi and i want in pune.
what about transport, octroi, other taxes.

thingk again but still hardware pricing is best option.


hiten_from_india 18-02-2004 06:46 PM

i am actively working with Sandy to get things up for you all :)
please give us a little more time we are builing something great for you all..
we are going to be one of the best indian site

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