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abhi182 31-01-2005 02:02 PM

Windows XP- 24online client: Networking blues

I have an ethernet (NIC) based Internet connection from myISP, Hathway in Chennai.

The ISP uses a Network management software called elitecore 24online on the gateway server. There is a client called 24online client that I use on my primary desktop to authenicate and connect myself to the ISPs network.

Now I am trying to set up a ad-hoc wireless between the Desktop and my Laptop to share the Internet connection and for file sharing but ran intto some major issues.

The ad-hoc network and file sharing worked fine when I set-it up, however as soon as I installed the 24online client on the desktop, the network connectivity between the desktop and the laptop disappeared. I wasn't able to ping the laptop frm the desktop and vice-versa. (The Internet connection worked ine)

Then i unistalled the 24online client frm the desktop and restarted it , and pinging/ file sharing started working again.

Next I tried installing the 24online client on the laptop, and I was able to log in to the ISPs server..With the desktop acting as the gateway. I was able to get internet connectivity on bot h the machine. However, file sharing stopped working and ping between the laptop and desktop also stopped (Surprisingly, Internet was accessible on both)

Any pointers how to resolve this issue.


OS: Win XP home on both machines.
NIC IP: (Static) (on the desktop)
ISP authentication server/gateway:

USB Wireless adapter IP: (static) (on the desktop)
Wireless adapter IP (on laptop): DHCP assigned (ususally

To summarize:

No authentication client (24online) on either machine: File sharing works, ping works, ping from both machines to ISP gateway works.

Authentication client on Desktop only: Desktop connected to Internet but no ping, no Internet, no file sharing on laptop

Authentication client on Laptop only: Internet available on both machines (by logging on ISP server thru laptop) but no file sharing, no ping between the desktop and laptop.

Please help!!!!

mehargags 03-02-2005 11:24 AM

the 24online CLient contains a Firewall Machanism in it. As soon as u intall the 24online CLient it Binds the Specific NIC its connected from -- binds it for the Bandwidth --up & down -- & blocks tcp & udp Requests -- in - & out so ur Machine is not Visible to the Outside LAN

I have been with this software for 4 years now -we are ISP's Ourselves using this ;) -- just one thing --- if its blocking ur internal Network -- disable the internal Network Card b4 u install 24 online.
For safey reasons we recommend using Class B ( Ip's to ur ISP -- cos normally the internal Nets are configured with Class C
If ur ISP isnt Willing to Do this (which normally he WOnt) that try using Class B ip's for ur internal Networks with the Subnet
This will help keep 2 Different Gateways so the ARP Routing isnt Confused.

delhiboy1000 03-02-2005 11:39 AM

hey mehar:check ur PM!

abhi182 03-02-2005 03:25 PM


Thanks a Lot...Let mer try this out as soon as I reach home today.


just one thing --- if its blocking ur internal Network -- disable the internal Network Card b4 u install 24 online.
When I first installed the other NIC card (802.11b adapter) via USB, 24 online client was already installed.....I suppose it bound itself to the other card after the restart....

Let me try your suggestion of using a class B IP (say
Since Windows DHCP supports only class C IpS, i think I will have to manually configure the Laptop IP to say

AM sure this is worth a try.....

mehargags 04-02-2005 12:25 AM

100 % it will work-- provided u uninstall the 24online -- clean the Registry off it -- search occurence of 24online & Elitecore & cyberoam & delete them. Delete the Folder it was instld in. THen most imp is u configure ur BASE network Properly. check the Pings -- both outer & inner.
If ur Using XP then right Click both the Nics & Click Repair - this Flushes the ARP Cache which is Crucial. then Read the post Again & when u get both Pings write for 5 mins & After 2-3 Reboots(must chk for 2--3 Reboots). Then install 24online

If that goes well -- just Post it went Right or not

abhi182 04-02-2005 01:25 AM

thanks again meher.....
I tried your steps and have almost got it right....
- I uninstalled 24online client
-cleaned the registry
-configured the network with internal network with class B private UPs
- Flushed the ARP cache
- 3 reboots
- Installed a local copy of the client (build 1.3.1) on desktop (gateway)
- logged and behold :--) everythng works fine

- Next restart of the desktop and my client started an automatic download of the new version without even asking..cancel also didn't work
- After installing the new version, it forced a reboot andd after the reboot, the internal network stopped working again,,,,:-(

Right now, i have uninstalled the new version...reinstalled the old one and logged right now, am enjoying a wireless net connection on my bed along with music streamed off the desktop hard disk(Sharing si working):-)

But when I''ll restart my desktop, it'll be back to this problem again :-(

Any idea how I can stop this auto download and forced update?

(wish i cld rep u though)

techmaster 04-02-2005 12:42 PM

do one thing.install the client restart the pc then disable your internal network loggon to the internet using the client enable your internal network that's it u can share the internet works for me

abhi182 04-02-2005 04:27 PM

but this means i'll need to do it every time....


I mean I can leave the desktop on all nght but need to switch it off before leaving for office,....

If i do it this way, this'd mean:
-Come back in evening....
-switch on PC-
-uninstall client
-restart and diable internal network
-install cliennt and login
- Enable internal network

Whew......once in awhile, guess it's ok,,,,,but everyday :-O

Aces170 04-02-2005 05:42 PM

You dont need to uninstall and Install the client everytime.. just need to disable and enable your home network as techmaster suggested

abhi182 04-02-2005 10:18 PM

Aces, u r missing the crux of the problem,
Say if i do as techmaster said, this is what'll happens:

I switch off my desktop in a working state....
When i restart it the next time around, the @#$% client will bind itself to the external LAN NIC and cut it off from the wireless one

mehargags 05-02-2005 12:28 AM

u missed some Text in my Post
Abhi -- first let ur External Connection setup-- & the Cyberoam Setup-- dont Toucht the internal NIC. but u did the Opposite.
Plus -- did u change the Subnets of both the Networks -- that is the most important. else after the Reboot 24 online will start binding all nics to its Subnet thinking it as a Bridge.

abhi182 05-02-2005 02:48 PM

Meher, I actuall tried doing that in the reverse order too.....Also I used a class B internal network with a subnet mask of

See, the current situation is that I am able to share files and share the Internet too, but only via logging in thru the Laptop....My dsktop that acts as a gateway had to be completely cleaned off the client to manage this...

Basically I have an old version of cyberoam ( that I have installed on the laptop....That allows me to do sharing....
However, when I install this version on the desktop , it automatically downloads a newer version ( that screws up all the settings....

mehargags 06-02-2005 06:22 PM

if ur elite Server expects u to Use the Newer Version- -u cant Help it -- its theBase Code of the 24 online..
there is no Solution rather than looking for DSL/ADSL which donw use these stupid sofware

abhi182 07-02-2005 01:13 AM

well....thanks for all the help meher...really appreciated that...unfortunately, I have paid my ISP in advance fotill March so guss i am stuck with them till then a t least....

As of now, I can share my connection though only if i keep both the machines if i want to access the net....there's no way i can just switch on my desktop and log on to the net directly frm there.....
Guess i'll have to live with tis for a while

Thanks a Lot! Most other ppl on the forum never bothered to reply!

SunMysore 07-02-2005 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by abhi182

Thanks a Lot! Most other ppl on the forum never bothered to reply!

Thats because most dont have any idea on how to solve your problem.

Its better to :shutup: than talk rubbish.....applies to some important person in the forum ;)

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