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IpsA 19-07-2005 02:45 AM

c1041724 when mounting exchange store... Microsoft broke my database
It looks there is some wrong stuff happened to my system. I was just going through database migration. It was done from one SBS 2003 to second SBS 2003. But somehow there was problem with the migration. Things were going fine. I had performed this before also and never faced any problem. There are around 4 Exchange Store database. I want to copy those files on the new server. It looks something cause the database to crash. But when I verified the files I found them clean.

Borgnine 10-08-2010 03:41 PM

Here are my suggestion on the issue that you are facing. First you have to create a black EDB/STM database. It is necessary to check that everything here must be working fine there should not be any problem. Second you will need to turn of exchange and simply replace it. Then restart the Exchange back again. The second thing you have to do is on the working server, you can use EXMERGE to export mailboxes. You can try using a outlook client to copy public folders. When the new server starts that has a blank database you can simply import everything here.

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