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Scubie67 16-12-2014 12:18 PM

Facebook stops Microsoft Bing search technology
The social network Facebook will stop to integrate the results of Microsoft's Bing search engine.

Relatively quietly, Facebook has stopped showing for its social network search results from the Web and by Bing (US and probably soon elsewhere). Such results of Microsoft's search engine was actually already quite inconspicuous.

This change was made ​​following an update of Graph Search. Mark Zuckerberg recently said that the internal search engine that allows you to ask questions in natural language uses all the data from Facebook, and will be offered soon in to languages ​​other than US English.

At Reuters, a spokesman for Facebook said:

"We do not currently show Web search results in Facebook Search because we focus on how to help people to find what has been shared with them on Facebook."

Facebook Logo

This sounds almost like "navel gazing" for Facebook that looks as itself to release useful information to its users. However, it is a development which could have known and consistent with the assumed strategy of Facebook.

Especially with 1.35 billion users worldwide, there was enough to make its "own web" with all that this implies in terms of advertising revenue. To see how this change will affect Bing's market share we will see it soon.

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