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Saannnvi 15-12-2014 01:54 PM

McAfee deleted files from bootable Windows 7 usb
I had created a bootable Windows 7 usb on Transcend 8GB pen drive. And there is some problem in that. When I connected that pen drive to my pc to add a few software's, McAfee popup appeared and it deleted a few files. It showed me some kind of virus infection in WAT folder. I clicked on Scan so it just quarantined all the items. Due to which I am not able to use the pen drive anymore. I want some help here to fix this thing. What can be the reason behind this.

shetty 16-12-2014 10:08 AM

Re: McAfee deleted files from bootable Windows 7 usb
There is no need to scan your usb. Once you are done with creating a bootable pen drive, you can use it for installation of Windows. It happens sometime the antivirus is unable to identify some files and count them as a virus infection. Here you can start once again. Format your pen drive first. Then use Windows 7 Bootable USB tool and create a bootable pen drive. If you want to copy some software then create a folder in it and name it soft. Put all your files in that and use it.

Aaryan2011 17-12-2014 10:17 AM

Re: McAfee deleted files from bootable Windows 7 usb
You might be using a pirated copy of Windows. That is why you get that error. I had seen this before on my friends pen drive who gave me to format my pc. He said he is giving me a activated edition of Windows 7 for free. When I connected that to check, my antivirus warned me for some malware. If you are getting the same messages, then it means you are not having a valid version of windows. Better download a trail edition from the official site of Microsoft and then update the license key on it.

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