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Scubie67 27-11-2014 11:34 AM

GoPro to make consumer Drones launching next year
The specialist in outdoor cameras will in turn assign the tendency of entertainment drones with the preparation of a range of devices with high definition cameras for under 1000 dollars.

If commercial drones may soon see their opportunities limited by regulation to come from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), entertainment drones still have a free hand and continue to flourish, bringing with them many manufacturers.

There is no huge surprise, as the specialist in outdoor cameras and sports, GoPro, is about to enter this new market and to bring its expertise in the field of high definition recording.

The Wall Street Journal, the group prepares a range of multi-rotors UAV shipping high definition cameras modules to the second half of next year, in a price range from 500 to 1000 dollars.


This initiative will be a growth in relation to a market of board camera which is now subject to intense competition but it is also noted that GoPro is the preferred supplier for many cameras carried by drones now.

However, some drone manufacturers, such as Chinese SZ DJI Technology, the devices are widely used, began to produce drones embarking cameras of their own design. The danger is that GoPro sees ejected from this emerging market as it is currently involved in democratization.

However, they may worry about this initiative that will make GoPro a competitor with the advantage of expertise in the outdoor cameras and while the drone buyers often already have a GoPro camera.

It remains to be seen if the manufacturer of cameras will shadow the French company Parrot with its AR.Drone that has helped to publicize the drones and inventing consumer uses, while maintaining turning to semi-pro uses with new ranges, such as the recent Parrot Bebop.

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