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Saanvi 21-11-2014 03:18 PM

Which is the cheapest smartwatch in India
Recently there were many watches released in the market. I am trying to find the cheapest one. I want one which can let me to control my phone music and also check messages. The best one I think one released by Google. The Google watch. But it is too costly. I am trying to find a list of cheapest watch and then I will buy one which fits my need. Is there anyone who has information on the same. I do not want anything above than Rs.4000. That will be simply out of my budget.

CassandraD 22-11-2014 10:55 AM

Re: Which is the cheapest smartwatch in India
If you need something with good features then have a look on pebble smartphone. They sell a $99 smart watch. It is costly but when it comes to quality I think you wont get anything better than that. I just want to you to have a look on the same. Otherwise you can try to find a few models on Flipkart. They have a separate section for that. The lowest one starts from Rs.5400. A smart watch is very much similar to an android phone. And I do not think you can get anything below the cost you had mentioned.

robot.txt 24-11-2014 10:49 AM

Re: Which is the cheapest smartwatch in India
There are some models under development and in the next year you can find a few budget watch. I think you must have a look on Androidly. I am not sure whether it is out for sale but it is considered as a budget smartwtach which comes loaded with android OS. It has great features. I am quiet a fan of Google watch which is great and has amazing display quality. This matters a lot or else you will never be satisfied in using the same. At some point quality really matters.

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