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Xiti 20-11-2014 03:15 PM

How long I can video chat on 1GB
I am having TATA Photon and I had just recharged it. I am using a 1GB plan for Rs.250. I want to video chat with my relatives in Europe. I want to know that what is the maximum time will I get on 1GB. I am going to use Gtalk here. Should I recharge more. I had used the dongle for a few hours and a few amount of mbs are used up. I cannot find any way through which I can calculate the total amount of data used while video chatting. On that basis I can recharge for more.

Elazar 21-11-2014 10:31 AM

Re: How long I can video chat on 1GB
I think on 1GB if you are not using a HD video chat then you can talk for hours. The total amount actually depends on the type of streaming format you are using. I found that Gtalk uses H.264 codec for video streaming and this is quiet high. But on a good network you wont be facing any problem. There are options to adjust the video quality. You can keep things on minimum if you want to chat for longer period. Here the entire size of a video streaming depends on the bitrate.

Daniel23 22-11-2014 10:51 AM

Re: How long I can video chat on 1GB
It is easy to figure out. Here video data is calculated on the basis of bit-rate. That means bits per second. 1 Byte is equal to 8bits. Which we use to calculate different files on pc. So here in video we are directly calculating on the basis of bits. If you are streaming a video at 350kbps then you are generating a 3MB video per minute. The more you increase the more size will be used up. 350kbps is the most common one. You have to adjust the bit rate in the settings. There are simple calculators on the web that can give you exact figure.

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