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tejjas 14-11-2014 03:28 PM

Firefox Anonymous Survey popup after updating
I had updated the Firefox browser a few days ago. This morning when I was surfing a few site I got a popup saying about some Firefox Survey. It is a anonymous survey for which I am selected. And it is around 30seconds. Before clicking on Accept I want to find whether this thing is safe or not. It looks a bit fishy to me. I had never seen such kind of thing before. And this popup back keeps on appearing whenever I launch the browser. I had scanned my pc with malwarebytes but it has not found anything.

Carita Carlos 15-11-2014 10:40 AM

Re: Firefox Anonymous Survey popup after updating
It is a scam. Do not click on the Accept button. If you do it will install a malware in your system. Try to restart your pc in safe mode and scan with some good internet security antivirus. Also remove Firefox and download a fresh setup form the official site. Download the most recent version so you dont have to update the same. Then install the same. And do not add any new addons. I think this popup is coming form addons that you had installed in it.

Roxanne's 18-11-2014 10:26 AM

Re: Firefox Anonymous Survey popup after updating
This are common type of scam that appear normally in the browser. And this is not a genuine one. It is coming means you had installed something in your browser or in our pc. Without which it will not appear at all. The best thing is to scan your pc and if your antivirus is not able to find anything then try to check in Task Manager. See in the process tab if there is any application running when the popup appear. You have to in Control Panel > Uninstall Program and remove it.

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