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The Truth 03-11-2014 01:03 PM

Touchscreen monitors for gaming
There is quiet high development under regular monitor product line. You can get a budget one in the market with all features that you are looking for. You will also get 3D support and high screen size. But there are few manufacturer who looks serious about touchscreen monitor. I am trying to find out a few models which can offer us good gaming support. Touchscreen monitors can be of great help for working purpose. For video editing and for design.

Emeryjon 03-11-2014 01:06 PM

Re: Touchscreen monitors for gaming
You can find models from various manufacturer. But I do not really think it is very easy to switch from keyboard to touchscreen monitor for working purpose. We are having a very old habit of using keyboard and mouse and for gaming this one is the best one. Because it is a habit and using touchscreen for gaming will not be easy for fps gaming. It will be great for games like The Walking Dead. Because it mostly involve conversation. You have to tap and accept things.

AnbuP 03-11-2014 01:46 PM

Re: Touchscreen monitors for gaming
I have one touchscreen which I use for basic gaming. Games like Candy Crush, Poker, etc are fine which are not having much controls. Those are simple to operate. Navigation is easy here, but for fps you need more controls and tapping them one by one will not be easy. So here using the keyboard will be simple and mouse for camera look. In touchscreen how will you manage that. The best example you can get is on a tablet pc. Just play some fps game and try out.

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