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Raj 02-10-2014 06:26 PM

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker
Kinivo might be a new name for you, this company was founded in year 2010 and has headquarters at Bellevue, Washington USA. The company deals with variety of consumer electronic products. they are selling headphones, speakers, display adapters, usb Bluetooth dongles, etc. Today we will review Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker. this one is not a Bluetooth speaker. it comes with a 3.5mm audio connector that you can use on your mobile phone or on your pc/laptop. Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker is an portable solution for those who need small speaker that they can carry with them. it is loaded with rechargeable battery that offer you a few hours of good entertainment. Kinivo ZX100 lacks Bluetooth connectivity due to which the usage is limited. Through Bluetooth you can don't have to keep the speaker near to your mobile or pc. You can just place it anywhere and get a decent sound quality. The speaker is loud enough for a room to get clear audio. being a mini speaker it is not fair to expect much from the audio quantity. I found Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker a bit better than regular one that we cheaper in the market. You can spend around Rs.1000 to get this. The most catchy thing about ZX100 is its design. It comes with an 360 degree sound output due to which the audio output is enough light when you are near to the speaker.

Kinivo ZX100

It offers Enhanced Bass Resonator that add more to the audio quality. It can be a ideal mini speaker for your tablet and Smartphone. it comes in different colors. the one that we are testing today is green with gray button on the same. it has a popup Bass Resonator at the center that can allow you to have a bit of audio effects like bass quality. but not very loud. it is hardly noticeable. There are many close competitor of this speaker the price of Rs.1000. and most of them are 3.5mm speakers. there are few Bluetooth also, but the brand is not very popular. All I find is Nokia MD-1C Wired that comes for Rs.830 and Philips SBA1700 for Rs.1200. this are two good models that are quiet durable and has a bit of more audio power. Kinivo ZX100 falls in between with additional benefit of good and portable design.

  • Expansive Resonator Construction design to give the best slow frequency output
  • Compatible with iPods, iPhone, MP3 Players, CD Players, Laptops, Smartphone & Tablets.
  • Common 3.5mm audio socket.
  • Full Bodied 360-degree sound.
  • Ultra-portable compact size design.
  • Upto 6hours of playback time.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great design.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker


Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker design

The design makes Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker looks very different. There are many similar design speaker available. This one has a simple dome shape design with expansive resonator in between. You have to just rotate the top part to open it. this add a bit bass quality to the music you are playing. the volume is quiet nice here. if you want it for your personal usage then I am quite sure it is the best choice.

Raj 02-10-2014 06:29 PM

Re: Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker
Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker follows a round dome shape design. there are three clickable buttons on the body that is dedicated for volume control and power.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

Resonator is on the center that can be opened by rotating it towards the right. It pops up. this helps you to get more bass output.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

A micro USB cable and another 3.5mm audio sits at the front bottom part with a blue light on it. When the speaker is on the light remains on all the time. And when you connect the speaker on charge it turns to red. The micro usb cable is for charging only. it will take around 2 hours to completely charge it. there is no battery indicator on the speaker that can tell you the amount of battery left.

Raj 02-10-2014 06:30 PM

Re: Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker
Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

A separate 3.5mm audio port is provided to for using multiple ZX100 speakers. You can forma daisy chain if you are having more than one speakers and play songs through them accordingly for a louder audio.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker

At the bottom you can see a thin and short usb 3.5mm cable that is used for the connection. It is very short. you have to keep the speaker near to your mobile phone or tablet. as this speaker is not having a Bluetooth, this is the only way to connect. a Bluetooth option would have extended the usage more.


Kinivo ZX100 is a good mini speaker for mobile phones and tablet. IF you think your phone is not loud enough while playing songs and videos, you can go for Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker. this also helps you to extend the phones battery life that is consume fast when you are using the loudspeaker. it is a nice portable mini speaker that you can carry with you. it does not take much space. it is essential that you tie up the cable properly in the bottom mount. the cable has a special place where it remains fixed. so that you won't break it. it is not a durable model. you have to protect it from water. in terms of audio output Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker is better than average. the sound is nice. You can check that in our video review section. it plays enough loud noise that can be less disturbing and enjoy good music. it can also be a good choice while you are out in vacation. it can offer you a 6 hours of playback time. if you are playing music at average volume then the same can be extended to 8 to 9 hours. the battery is life is not very bad here. I am missing Bluetooth connection in this model. it would have helped a lot to use with laptop.


Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker comes for Rs.1000 on Amazon. This one is a nice budget speaker for those who want a audio alternative for their Smartphone and tablets. Being small size speaker you can take it with you anywhere. it is easy to operate. With decent sound quality Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker can offer you up to 6 hour of playback time once fully charged. The common 3.5mm audio jack allow you a easy way to connect it with any device that has the port. Lack of Bluetooth connectivity limit the usage. And there is also no Mic. So you cannot use this speaker for calling purpose. Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker has an great design and support daisy chain connectivity. You connect multiple Kinivo ZX100 with each other for louder audio. Overall Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker is an affordable solution for portable devices.

  • Good & Portable Design
  • Decent audio quality
  • Decent Battery life.
  • No Bluetooth
  • No Mic

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