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Hadden 25-09-2014 06:14 PM

Soon apk apps are going to work on Chrome OS
Google is gong to provide apk file compatibly in Chrome OS. Chrome OS is not used by many. It is a light weight option for many net-books. But due to lack of apps many do not prefer it. It is quiet limited to web browsing. I had seen a news that says that soon Google will add Android app compatibility in Chrome OS. That simply means you can use all Android App from Google Play in Chrome OS. It will allow us to play a lot of games and get all type of useful application. It is a great step according to me. Because merging this two platform is going to expand the usage of chrome pc.

Elieis 04-10-2014 12:00 PM

Re: Soon apk apps are going to work on Chrome OS
It will be really helpful. Chrome OS is not much useful today because of its application limitation. And after having a android support it will be easier for many to use it and boost their productivity. We are quiet limited to tablet and smartphone today. We are not having android in pc. Chrome OS can let us to have this on a desktop where people can work on bigger screen. What I had found that Google will try to ad the functionally in chrome browser. That means you can run all your android games in Chrome Web browser directly. So this simply means it is gong to work on other platform also. Like Windows or Mac.

mesterio 04-10-2014 01:51 PM

Re: Soon apk apps are going to work on Chrome OS
It looks, Google is going to make Chrome browser a android emulator. And it will be linked with Google Apps. It will be really helpful. There are some apps that I use which is not having any version for Windows or Mac. And I have to use my smartphone only to work on that. Through web browser integration we can use the same app on pc and sync them with the smartphone. I hope Google must also work on the security part that matters a lot. Because Android is is the most vulnerable android operating system. And it is still not secure to do banking transaction on this it. Antivirus on the other hand affects the device performance.

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