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Jammyr 23-09-2014 07:24 PM

Looking for a TV + monitor
2 Attachment(s)
1. Budget.
10 -15K+
2. Viewing distance.
6 - 7 feet
3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc.
antenna + PC

4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV.
5. Preference for brands.
Whichever is durable and within my budget. I don't want to spend on something that I have to care time and again regularly.
6. Willing to purchase it from the grey market?
7. Ambient lighting conditions of the room.
normal daylighting and tubelighting only... :)
8. Any other feature you are looking for such as 3D support on the HDTV, DLNA capabilities etc.

I am looking for a TV+monitor for a HTPC for my parents. The usage will be mainly watching TV and also videos from PC and occasional browsing. My idea is to keep my budget minimum with maximum viewing experience possible for my parents. Couldn't come to a conclusion through googling. I am not sure what screen size will be good for my home. I have attached couple of photos which I had with me with which you can get some idea. My current TV is a 21.5 inch BPL. I am looking of some height and width similar to it.

I am also considering to go for a TV which can be used as monitor or a monitor to be used as a TV (if this works out cheaper and can give larger screen). What are all the features I have to look for if I have to use a monitor as TV, in the sense if I want to connect my antenna to my monitor what port I should look for?

As of now I am considering this from flipkart, but unsure whether the screen size will be ok.aoc-le23a6730-61-23-inches-led-tv

Any other suggestions are welcome. With so many new brands in the market, pretty unsure of them.

Hockson 24-09-2014 05:50 PM

Re: Looking for a TV + monitor
You can get the Dell S2409W for Rs. 12000 only approximately or you can also go with the BenQ 2412HD which again comes in the same price. Both there monitors are Full Hd and they also support HDMI as well.

Jammyr 24-09-2014 06:11 PM

Re: Looking for a TV + monitor
but can they be used as TV?

Hockson 25-09-2014 11:25 AM

Re: Looking for a TV + monitor
Yes, both monitors can be used as a TV. You just have to decide which one to go for.

Jammyr 25-09-2014 05:17 PM

Re: Looking for a TV + monitor
I mean do the monitors have a RF input? Can they be used to connect my cable TV input?

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