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Forever 23-09-2014 06:05 PM

Are there any multimedia codec pack for Windows 8.1
Is there any dedicated multimedia codec pack available for Windows 8.1. I am having a bit issue with using media files on Windows. I got a old DVD that was having some bunch of videos and old songs. I copied all the content in the pc. But when I try to play them in media player I am getting a codec error. I had tried searching on web and found K-Lite Codec pack. But it does not look like a official one. Does Microsoft offer any kind of multimedia codec pack that can used for playing various videos files directly through Windows Media Player. I want to stream the content on my TV through HDMI.

Erakna 24-09-2014 01:06 PM

Re: Are there any multimedia codec pack for Windows 8.1
There is one that you can try using and I think it might work. If not then you have to use third party video players. You can try using Media Feature Pack for Windows 8.1 N and Windows 8.1 KN Editions. This was released on April 2014. And this is the only pack available for Windows 8.1. This codec pack includes a lot of functionality to play media files in Windows 8.1. You can install this and test out. It also support other Windows software to enhance your multimedia output. It offer support for Advanced Systems Format (ASF) and digital rights management (DRM) file format. Just test this once.

GaganjyotTechie 25-09-2014 11:51 AM

Re: Are there any multimedia codec pack for Windows 8.1
K-Lite codec will fix the issue you are facing. It offer you all type of codecs you need to run different video and audio files. It is fast and accurate. You wont face any problem after installing this. If there some audio or video that does not work well then you can install VLC for the same. It is one of the best video player in the market and it is capable of paying all kind of video format. It is extremely simple to use with easy UI and it works really fast in playing type of CD/DVD format. I was quiet annoyed with Windows Media Player, because it does not read all the files. And after adding this I am not using any other player.

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