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Abhijoot 23-09-2014 02:15 PM

Radeon 5770 Crossfire makes monitor to flicker
I have recently installed a second Radeon HD 5770 in my computer to perform Crossfire. I am using an old Asus monitor and the problem is that whenever I am starting any games on my pc, the screen will flicker continuously. But there are some games that are working fine without any flickering. I have also noticed that most of the DirectX 9.0 games are only flickering on my pc. When I am using only 1 graphics card then all games seem to be working fine without any issues. So, if anyone can tell me how do I solve this issue then it would be appreciated. Thanks

David23 24-09-2014 03:34 PM

Re: Radeon 5770 Crossfire makes monitor to flicker
There might be some overheating problems so I would recommend you to monitor the temperature and more specifically the top card should be monitored first. For most of the people a single Radeon 5770 card flickers due to overheating. Can you try to swap the video cards position in your Crossfire setup? Also check if your power supply is able to drive the graphics card properly. You should also be sure that your motherboard is capable of running Crossfire.

Archibald 25-09-2014 11:28 AM

Re: Radeon 5770 Crossfire makes monitor to flicker
Can you try to force Vsync in the games that are flickering or whether in the Catalyst Control Center. If this is still not working then you might be facing issues because of a bad Crossfire bridge. Have you also tried to install any software for your monitor if it is available? I dont think that the problem might be occuring due to the Power Supply, because if it did then whenever you tried to play any games then it will simply give you blue screen of death errors on your computer.

CAILYN 26-09-2014 12:40 PM

Re: Radeon 5770 Crossfire makes monitor to flicker
Did you make sure that both graphics card are working fine on their own? What I meant to say is are you able to run games with single cards one at a time without any flickering issue. You should probably test each single video card by using a benchmarking tool to ensue that they give equal numbers. This way you will come to know if there is a bad card with you. I also tend to had microstutter problems on crossfire setups but not that much. I will suggest you to test your power supply as well, because atleast a 750W power supply is needed with your setup.

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