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Dharamsia 19-09-2014 06:26 PM

What is new in Nvidia GTX 980
Nvidia GTX 980 is just released and it is termed as the most high end graphic card in the market. There are few budget competitors according to me. Leaving that aside, I am still using Nvidia 650Ti. A very old card but works amazing for all new high end games. My friend is planing to build a high end gaming pc and he asked me about this gpu. I searched on the web about the same. Many says this is an unlimited edition card that can provide great graphic output. But I do not think it will be under a affordable range. Being a high end it might cross 20K quiet easily.

Anvita 23-09-2014 05:25 PM

Re: What is new in Nvidia GTX 980
This one is a new edition of Maxwell micro-architecture. There is already one is the market. And this one is counted under the high end output. If you have this card then you can get ultimate graphic output from the same. You will also have to build a pc to get maximum from this gpu. Or else the efficiency on the same will be extremely low. This card is usually designed to give you flawless output on high resolution. So if you are not having much heavy requirement for gaming then still you can go with budget cards. A dual card will be still be great for getting high end gaming output.

Omanand 24-09-2014 11:56 AM

Re: What is new in Nvidia GTX 980
It is a new card and obviously it will offer you amazing output. Being a high end card you can get great gaming output from the same. One of the most important aspect of this card is that it is energy efficient. That means it wont draw out much power compare to other high end card. This is all due to the new micro-architecture. Low power usage means the card is going to get less hot when you are playing games. IT is just released that is why it is costly. But it is possible that in coming time there can be changes in the price of the same. The card is sold for $549.

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