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The Truth 17-09-2014 03:25 PM

Using Intel Core i3 4130 for budget gaming pc
Want some help in building a budget gaming pc. I am had selected Using Intel i3 4130 as an standard processor for the gaming purpose. I am quiet not able to figure out that will this speaker is enough for gaming stuff. I am going to add atleast 4GB ram on the same. I am also planing to add a gaming cabinet with wireless mouse and keyboard. My budget is quiet limited to Rs.40000 max. I will not be able to go above that and there the cpu and motherboard both are going to cost around Rs.12000 alone. Then comes the monitor, the storage, ram, gpu, etc. I just want to know that does Intel Core i3 4130 will be good enough or there can be more cheaper cpu.

Quasim 18-09-2014 12:17 PM

Re: Using Intel Core i3 4130 for budget gaming pc
You have selected the right thing. Intel Core i3 4130 is a good budget cpu when it comes to build a entry level or mid range gaming pc. Or else if you need a extreme output then going for Core i5 or i7 is the only choice left. Here you can try to cut out few things to. First buy a regular cabinet instead of costly gaming. Buy a good psu instead of that. Which matters the most. And instead of going for wireless keyboard mouse, buy a good usb one. You can
save more than Rs.1200 on that which you can add in the monitor part.

Geniee 18-09-2014 05:57 PM

Re: Using Intel Core i3 4130 for budget gaming pc
Try to increase your ram. Make it 8GB and the next thing that you have to choose is the graphic card. Because if you go with a low end one then you wont get a decent output. Another important thing is choosing the right monitor choice. For gaming pc, big screen monitor are best one. With this a few accessories like a good speaker system or headphone also matters. I think you must try adding Rs.5000 more. The cpu is perfect in its place. You have to look for the motherboard and gpu here. This can easily cost around Rs.8000. I do not recommend to go for lower cost graphic card. It is a kind of one time investment.

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