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Sachh 16-09-2014 04:57 PM

Increasing the storage capacity of Bluestack
What are the possible option available to simply increase the storage capacity of bluestack. I can see that it is not using my entire hard drive space for the same. I check in the storage section where it shows me 7.87GB. That means Bluestack is counting the storage as 8GB only. I have a 100GBs pace left in the partition which it can use. Is there a app or any thing I can do to extend the storage. I had installed a few high end games on the same and I am getting a low storage error on the same. I had tried finding out more in the settings but cannot locate any option. Bluetstack is not having any configuration file or panel through which we can modify the storage.

Mr.ken 17-09-2014 01:51 PM

Re: Increasing the storage capacity of Bluestack
You cannot do that. Bluestack does not allow you that features. You have to stick with the same type of storage. This can be done by adding a app that can offer you to install virtual sd card in the pc. This will be detected as a additional memory card and bluestack will use the storage. There are few apps that can do the same. But most of the time it fails to work with a error. You can try finding out the same on Google Play where you can simply find out more information on the storage part. Just install a virtual memory card app on the same and you can use the same for extending the storage capacity.

Orton 18-09-2014 03:59 PM

Re: Increasing the storage capacity of Bluestack
There is one more android simulator that you can go for. It offer you to have unlimited storage space. It is called as Andy android simulator. Just
download and install the same. It is an free android emulator that extend the usage a bit more. You can use a lot of atleast android feature on the same. You can also turn on app download from Google Play. It is really effective and easy to use. I will recommend you to test this once and see what output you are getting. There are many other android emulator that works in the same way. But this one is wroth tying out because of a lot of features on the same.

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