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Rithweek 16-09-2014 04:56 PM

Software similar or better than Notepad++
I am trying to find the list of software that are better than Notepad++. I am using this from long time and I am quiet bored with it. The same type of UI every time. And it does not look having any changes in the UI. I want to know some more text editors that can be used for HTML and php coding. The issue with Notepad++ is that when you open too many files in it, it gets very confusing to find where to start from. I am quiet not able to figure out where to make changes in the files. It just gets more hectic. Most of the text editors are simple to use.They have a very basic UI. I want something that can be have more formatting options.

BillieJ 17-09-2014 01:50 PM

Re: Software similar or better than Notepad++
I do not really think there are those kind of text editors. What you can find is basic text editors that have similar features of Notepad++. One that you can try out is VIM. It is quiet nice and simple to use. You get a dos command type of windows on this. And you can use it for editing your codes. You get different color base layout on that through which you can locate problems faster. But it is not having any advance features like Notepad++. Still Notepad++ gets more better here. But just for a change you can try out using VIM and you can see the actual difference on your own. So just download and test it out and see whether it suite your need or not.

michaels 18-09-2014 03:58 PM

Re: Software similar or better than Notepad++
For organizing multiple files you need a editor that can come with tree based layout. That means with a window where you can see all your files at one place. So that you can instantly select the file form there. And to do that you have to try out Aptana Studio. This this you will get a box on the left side where you can find file references. It is the best one to organize the text files. And in the center you also get a editor that will allow you to edit and modify the files. Along with this you get more options to add new things in it. So just test out and see whether you are able to understand its features or not.

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