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Haraksa 15-09-2014 04:06 PM

Which cloud storage offers a 50GB space
I am looking for a huge storage space cloud support. The one that can offer me around 50GB of space where I can store many things. I had seen Dropbox that limit to 2GB and Gmail Drive that is limited to 15GB. I am having a lot of ebooks and I want to keep them at one place. So there is nothing better than cloud storage. I want something that can offer me huge capacity and I am also ready to pay if I need more. But for start I need a free one. So that I wont have to pay much here. I had tried looking on web and I can find mostly paid one. Compare to other I found Google more cheaper. They are instantly offering 100GB on a tiny monthly payment.

Rust-18 15-09-2014 05:00 PM

Re: Which cloud storage offers a 50GB space
There are few you can go with. The one that I will recommend you to go is Mega. This is just the new version of Megaupload which is closed down. This site offer you a amazing 50GB of storage. It can be more than enough according to me. The second one you can try is ADrive. I had not see Mega from long time and there are chances that you might have to pay to get the storage. You can ski mega and go with ADrive. This one offer a 50 GB free cloud storage that is quiet enough for your personal usage. It is a free account where you can upload a file maximum to 16GB in a size. So you are not only having a good space, but also the upload file size limit is high here.

Kiran25 16-09-2014 12:56 PM

Re: Which cloud storage offers a 50GB space
For large requirement you can go with multiple accounts on your system. So that you get more space on it. Lie you can mix Google drive with Adrive or with Mega to get high space. My friend has done this. He mixed around 4 to 5 online free cloud storage and he got around 100GB of cloud storage on the same. And you can still crate more account to get the space. But if you want to keep your files in one place then I think there is nothing better than Google. Because you are getting 100GB of storage at a very cheap price and I do not really think there is any other cheaper cloud service available. Just try this out.

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