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haarini 06-09-2014 06:58 PM

How to block screen recording or screen capture
I have some problem with my online wallet. I am using a wallet that allow me to make payments on various site. I do not have to use my net-banking or my credit card here. There was some issue with the transaction recently. The customer support team asked me to share my screen so that they can work on the same. I have to login to the page and type my password. I want to some way through which I can block screen recoding if anyone is doing the same. I do not want anyone to save my transaction history. Is there a tool for that. I want to get notification on the screen if someone hits a print screen button.

AliyaK 11-09-2014 12:53 PM

Re: How to block screen recording or screen capture
Yes there are software for that. Many key loggers comes with that features. They give you two benefits. First protection against your password typing and second they can block your screen recording. You can use SpyCop here. This one is a best software according to me that can help you to protect your personal data. Before turning on the screen sharing you can turn on this software and you can block various thing through the same. This tool simply helps you to block bank logins, password, credit cards, etc. It has a features through which screen recording or screen capturing can be blocked. It is an easy to use software that has many simple features.

Carita Carlos 12-09-2014 05:01 PM

Re: How to block screen recording or screen capture
It is always good to use s software that can offer you a dual benefit. First it much offer you a option to block your keystroke and second it must also have a option to prevent screen recording. This dual benefits are easier for you to use. The tool that I think can help you in this is Zemana. It is a popular software which is used by various first to keep your system protected from the key logging stuff. You have to go for a paid version for maximum benefits. Or else it wont work. This tool gives you a option for Anti-SSL logging protection. It works well against virus and sniffers.

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