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tejjas 05-09-2014 06:09 PM

Safe overclocking pc for gaming only
I want some way through which I can overclock my pc only for gaming. I am facing a bit performance issue. I am having a Core i3 processor with Nvidia gpu on the same. There is 4GB RAM. I had tried installing a few new games but the pc started freezing. It takes a long time to start the game. And the game play is very poor. I am trying to play a few fps games which works very bad on the system. I cannot upgrade anything know. This pc is just a 6 month old system and it is not capable of plying new games. How to overclock the cpu to boost the performance.

Aileya 06-09-2014 04:50 PM

Re: Safe overclocking pc for gaming only
You cannot just overclock any pc. There are certain requirements for the same. High end processor like Core i5 and Core i7 series supports overclocking. They come with required options through which you can overclock and enjoy a bit good output. I do not think your existing system will be able to work well. Overclocking feature usually comes integrated in the motherboard. You just have to turn it on from the bios settings and then it works well. But you cannot boost the cpu clock at a very high level. It is only possible to gain around 10 to 20% of more power.

Makarios 10-09-2014 05:05 PM

Re: Safe overclocking pc for gaming only
It is right. I have a AMD system that runs on FX8350 processor. The board that I have, has a auto overclock utility. I had seen this in MSI boards also. It is called as Turbo Boost. This utility will automatically boost the processor output when needed. And this is only required at the time of playing games or while doing any video editing type of job. After that when the work is over then pc is restored back to its original clock rate. This are features of a high end board that is not going to work in any regular system.

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