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naveenppp 03-09-2014 06:13 PM

Want help with SSD Migration on Windows 8
I am thinking of adding a new SSD upgrade to my pc and want to migrate Windows 8 to the same. I will use the internal 500GB space for keeping data files. I bought my system for the purpose of video editing. I have a YouTube channel on which I update videos twice a week. The pc is quiet slow when ti comes to editing job. I have a Core i3 processor with 8GB ram. At first I thought this would be enough. I am using my old 500GB hard drive on it. My friend recommended to go for SSD upgrade that can boost the output.

Faiyaz9 04-09-2014 12:46 PM

Re: Want help with SSD Migration on Windows 8
It will definitely do that. SSD's offer you a fast data read and write speed due to which application performance is increased. You can gain around 10% higher output compare to what you are getting right now. I will recommend you to buy atleast 256GB SSD so that you dont have a space issue. There is no use of going with a lower one. You can use a disk cloning software to migrate your existing windows to the SSD. Many this drive comes with Acronis software. You have to create a OS image copy through that and restore it.

Mallory c 05-09-2014 11:04 AM

Re: Want help with SSD Migration on Windows 8
I am using a Kingston SSD that has provided a great output to my gaming pc. First it was quiet slow. But after installing games no the SSD drives things are lot more faster. I always record my gameplay while playing. In regular drive it was lagging, but in SSD the output is flawless. Migration is not a big issue here. Buy a model that gives you a disk cloning or disk migrating tool. I think a few ADATA SSD's drive have this tool. You just have to use the software to transfer your OS and files from one drive to another.

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