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Unerring 21-08-2014 03:04 PM

Can I play my Credit Bill in two parts
I am having a HDFC bank credit card. I have a Rs.30,000 bill for the same. The due date to play the bill is 4th of every month. I am having Rs.15,000 with me rightnow. So the pending is Rs.15,000. I just want to ask that can I play this Rs.15,000 first and before 4th when I get money I will pay the pending amount also. I am doubtful about the process and I am not able to find answer for the same. I tried looking on the site but there is nothing much mentioned on it. Is there anyone paying like this.

Damodaran-G 25-08-2014 12:38 PM

Re: Can I play my Credit Bill in two parts
If you pay within the due date then there is no issue. I am quiet sure you dont have to pay any extra charges. You can pay that in small parts as per your need within the time frame. And if the same crosses the due date then you have to pay bank interest on the same. Which can costly I think. So here all you have to do is login to your net banking and choose the amount that you want to pay. Select the figure and pay the same. And when you get money later on you can pay the pending amount also.

Farzana 30-08-2014 04:56 PM

Re: Can I play my Credit Bill in two parts
I think this will work and there is no issue in doing the same. You can make payment as per your convenience and HDFC wont charge you extra. You just have to take care that you wont cross the due date. Because if that happens then you will have to pay interest with service tax. So the charge is bit high here. If you are still doubtful then there is one way to find answer. You can try contacting the customer care which will help you more in locating proper answer for the same. Just call them and ask about the same.

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